Anniversary/Babymoon Trip (Michigan City, IN)

I’m finally sharing 100 million pictures from our anniversary trip last weekend! We had a hard time deciding where to go this year (not too far from home, not too pricey, etc.) and finally decided on Michigan City, IN. We had heard that the Indiana Dunes were pretty amazing, and since Michigan City is on Lake Michigan, we knew there would be some beaches. And of course I made sure there were at least a couple of good places to eat and get coffee. The weather was perfect (warmer than we were expecting!), and we had a lovely time. The perfect little anniversary/babymoon getaway.

Where we stayed:
We found a cozy little little Airbnb – In the woods, about 10 minutes from food and the beach, with a few walking trails on the property.

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33 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 33 weeks

Size of baby: Cauliflower, celery, junior tennis racquet or ferret. 17-19 inches long (head to toe) and 4 lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: Nothing new! I’m on the hunt for a comfortable summer maxi dress that is both maternity and nursing friendly. Any suggestions?

Sleep: Still good.

Dream of the week: My SIL and her husband (Emily and Steve) gave me a Fitbit for my birthday. I was a little confused because 1.) I didn’t necessarily want a Fitbit and 2.) It was fuchsia (in my dream EVERYONE knew I didn’t like red). But I decided it wasn’t so bad and kept it. And then I woke up.

Cravings: Icy things: iced coffee, fruit slushes/smoothies, etc.

Baby movement: She’s settling down as her space gets smaller, but still likes to let me know she’s there.

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: Randomly dropping things for absolutely no reason. I was already clumsy before I got pregnant, but now it’s just getting worse.

Best moment this week: Our anniversary/babymoon getaway this past weekend. Full post on this to come soon!

Five on Friday [anniversary edition] // 5-12-17

In light of today being our 3rd wedding anniversary, I’m sharing 5 favorites memories (besides our wedding day) from the past married years. I must say, it was very hard to narrow these down.

ONE //  Our honeymoon. We spent a couple days in Charleston, SC, then boarded a ship for a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas. It was such a fun, relaxing time together exploring Charleston and eating all the soft serve we wanted on the cruise.

TWO // Our many roadtrips in the VW Beetle. The summer we got married, we spent many hours in my beloved little beetle taking roadtrips to friends’ weddings, apartment hunting (for our move to from SC to IN), family events and last minute picnics on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

THREE // 1st Anniversary trip to Chicago. Our first vacation (besides the honeymoon) after getting married – Loren had just finished his first year of grad school, and it was nice to just get out of town for a long weekend. Exploring a new city and eating delicious food was just a bonus. 😉

FOUR // Our 2016 Charleston vacation. Apparently I just like to get away with my man. lol But Charleston is my favorite city in the world, so any time spent there is a favorite memory. 😉 A perfect week spent on the beach, drinking coffee on our little porch, paddleboarding, meandering the city streets, etc.

FIVE // Finding out we were going to be parents. Does this even need an explanation? Needless to say, we were/are both pretty stoked!

There are SO many other memories that I treasure (exploring new coffee shops, babysitting nephews & nieces, birthday dates, Loren’s graduation, late night Office binges, random photoshoots in unusual locations) and I always look forward to the next adventure with my favorite person in the world.

I love you and choose you every day, Loren! Happy Anniversary!

heidi sign

Maternity Shoot

Several weeks ago, the very talented Sarah Beth Sutter Photography did a little maternity shoot for us. I was almost 26 weeks pregnant during this shoot, so not super big, but I love all the pictures and thought I would share my favorites with you all.

Heidi: dress // necklace // booties (similar)
Loren: shirt (similar) // jeans // shoes // watch

32 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 32 weeks

Size of baby: Squash, Florida Pomela or naked-tailed armadillo. 18 inches long (head to toe) and 3.75 lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: This dress from Target. I don’t know why I’m always amazed at the difference actual maternity clothes make.

Sleep: Still good. I have mastered the perfect little pillow and blanket nest.

Dream of the week: I dreamed that all the rain we had last week turned to snow. When I woke up, I wasn’t sure if it was real or not, so I quickly opened the window to make sure it wasn’t real. It was just still raining.

Cravings: Give me all the fresh watermelon! But it has to be firm and juicy, and not at all squishy.

Baby movement: She for sure isn’t shy about making her presence known!

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: Nothing to report here!

Best moment this week: Finishing another nursery project – painting the diaper cart (pics to come).

Nerf Guns and Sunshine

The sun came back this weekend!! Just in time Friday evening for our drive to see our friend Savannah direct her middle school musical. The kids did an amazing job performing Lion King Jr. and it was fun to see all the hard work Savannah has put into it this semester.
When we got home, Loren disappeared into the office, then reappeared a short while later with…the nerf guns. So we had us a good ol’ fun nerf gun battle in the mostly-dark apartment. Nothing like a little late-night adrenaline rush!

Saturday was a pretty random day. Loren hung out at Starbucks for a while writing his lesson plan for Sunday school while I ran some errands. When he got home, he took on the project of spray painting the diaper cart for the nursery. While the first coat was drying, we had a little Chipotle & haircut (for Loren) date, then came home to finish painting the cart and relax the rest of the evening.

Sunday I had the privilege of subbing in the 4s & 5s Sunday school class, and the kids were pretty hilarious. One of them noticed Loren wasn’t with me (he usually helps me, but was with the teens) and asked “Where’s your dad?” Another one noticed my large belly, pointed to it and wanted to know “What is that?” Out of the mouth of babes.
After church we had lunch with some friends, came home and took a little walk in the beautiful sunshine to watch another friend’s soccer game.

Maybe this week the weather will stay more May-ish!


May Goals

April’s goals didn’t get super far – here’s to hoping May goes better!

April Goals
~ mail in passport applications
~ pass the birth & baby class we just started
~ finish taxes
~ plan something for our anniversary
~ spring clean with amazing-smelling cleaners like this and this
~ go on a picnic
~ order a few canvases – it’s probably about time to print some wedding pictures – well, I ordered one from our maternity shoot for the baby’s room

May Goals
~ start planning freezer meals
~ plan & take a little anniversary/babymoon trip
~ host one of my best friends for a week
~ go on a picnic (totally pulling this from last month)
~ start monetizing my blog

31 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 31 weeks

Size of baby: Romaine lettuce, loaf of bread, foam finger or small-clawed otter. 17.5 inches long (head to toe) and 3.2 lbs. (according to dr).

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: Nothing new this week.

Sleep: Still good overall!

Dream of the week: There was another one that involved my brother and sister (why are they all about my family?!), but I can’t recall any specifics.

Cravings: Fresh watermelon. Nothing like eating it fresh and cold!

Baby movement: She’s been rolling around a lot and giving us plenty of opportunities to feel her little head and bum.

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: Nothing this week! Even though I do often breathe heavily and Loren always asks if I’m ok. Must be louder than I think.

Best moment this week: Getting to see our little girl again via ultrasound. She has the cutest smile and little squashed nose!

Little Ballerinas and Game Cafe

What a whirlwind of a wonderful weekend!

Friday as soon as I wrapped up work, we jumped in the car and drove through some crazy rain to Cincinnati and made it just in time for the nieces’ first dance recital. Their part was pretty short, but they were adorable and perfect and it was just the cutest recital ever. 🙂

Loren’s parents let us sleep at their house even though they were out of town, and Saturday morning we woke up to the thunder, lightning and torrential rain still going strong. When the rain finally mostly let up, we looked outside and the backyard was partially flooded, as well as part of the outside basement stairwell. We threw on some raincoats and bailed out most of the water from the stairwell (don’t worry, Loren did most of the lifting & bucket carrying). It was actually pretty fun to be out in the rain!
Eventually we headed out and I dropped Loren off for a day of wedding shooting, then went over to Emily’s for lunch and to look at some baby clothes she was letting me borrow. Nothing like getting some extra nephew & niece time in, too!
Later that afternoon, Emily and I headed downtown for a little birthday party for a friend. We made candles at The Candle Lab and had a delicious dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant (Abigail Street).

Sunday morning we headed back to Indy for church (Loren currently teaches the teen Sunday school class), then had Caleb & Chelsea over for our monthly get-together. After a late lunch, we decided to try out the new Kingmakers Board Game Parlour. Basically, you pay a small fee to use any of the wide variety of board and card games, order drinks or snacks, then play away! We had the whole place to ourselves and played several games none of us had played before. We will definitely be going back!

I hope you had a wonderful last April weekend!

30 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 30 weeks

Size of baby: Cantaloupe, loaf of bread or platypus. 17 inches long (head to toe) and almost 3.5 lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: Nothing new, but I’m ready to pull out all the summer dresses!

Sleep: Still pretty good overall – maybe this will last the whole pregnancy!

Dream of the week: While visiting my parents in Germany, I looked out their bedroom window one morning at the lot in front of their house and noticed they had cleared away the bushes and climbing tree I had grown up with and were converting the lot into a small car dealership. As I watched, all the cars arrived and formed a circle around the lot. Since this was a family-focused dealership, all the car types were being modeled by different families with children: trucks with biological, sedans with adopted, minivans with multiples, SUVs with one child, etc. All the families were sitting quite proudly on top of their assigned vehicle. My dad was convinced that surrogates should also get their own car to model, but my mom would have none of it. And then I woke up. I’m so glad dreams are dreams and not reality.

Cravings: Nothing. I actually haven’t been that hungry this week.

Baby movement: Still lots! She currently likes to camp out on my right side.

Gender: Little Lady.

Challenges this week: Leg cramps have not been especially fun this week.

Best moment this week: Buying a car! I have a hunch this is the reason for my crazy dream this week.