Weekending to the Max

Another fun and full weekend for the books! And here I thought October would be a quieter weekend month. It started off on Thursday when Carrie and some of her friends came to spend the night on their way to MI for a girls’ weekend. They arrived pretty late in the evening, but we still had a good time over dessert.
Friday after school, Loren left for our church’s overnight men’s  retreat. I got home around 6, only to realize that my apartment key had been given to Carrie earlier that day so they wouldn’t have to leave early when Loren and I did. I was having some girls over for a sleepover in a short while, so I ran over to our clubhouse office where, thankfully, someone was still in the office and they cut me a new key. Was quite the relief to be able to get into the apartment without having to try to break in. 😉
​Ally and Vashti came over a short while later, and we had a fun night with pizza, popcorn, ice cream, Gilmore Girls, nail painting and coffee. At some point, Ally headed home and Neah came over to spend the night. We ended up watching a movie and then talking for a while before getting a few hours of sleep. It’s been a while since I’ve partied so hard! 😉 
Vashti had to work Saturday morning, so after the girls left, I tried unsuccessfully to take a nap before going Dawn’s to get some newborn snuggles and take care of laundry duty. It was the perfect rainy afternoon for snuggles.
​By the time Loren got home that afternoon, we were both so exhausted that we took a nap before going on a Chick-fil-A dinner date.
Sunday afternoon after church, we had the privilege of taking engagement pictures for some friends. The leaves and weather were perfect, they were so photogenic and we had a blast. Maybe we’ll do it again sometime!
And that was that! I hope you had a great weekend and got outside to enjoy some of the beautiful fall leaves. While summer is my favorite, this fall has been pretty spectacular (thank you, mild October weather).
Happy Tuesday!

Catch Up: Birthdays and Birth Days

This month so far has already been a blur. How are we close to the end of October already!? So let’s play a little bit of catch up.

At the beginning of the month, we celebrated sweet Jackson’s 1st birthday with family and some delicious chocolate cake. He had not trouble putting away that piece of cake and immediately asked for more. His newest thing is puckering up his lips for kisses. So precious and irresistible!
We’ve had some random weekend game nights and car selfies (apparently “taking a call” is the new selfie pose). 
This past Monday, October 19, I had the very special privilege of watching the miraculous appearance of my newest nephew as he joined this world. Brady Mark was born at 12:18 pm, was 19.5 in. long, weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz. and has the cutest, sweetest features! I am one blessed auntie! Everything went smoothly and pretty quickly, and mommy and baby are back home with the rest of the crazies. Can’t wait to get some more newborn snuggles! 
Those are pretty much the most exciting things that have happened lately. We’ve also had friends over a few times and went to the outlet malls near us for the first time last Friday for date night. I feel like we have been super busy lately, and our calendar can attest to this, but I just haven’t taken many pictures to prove any of it. This weekend we have several things going on, so I will do my best to document it.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Best of Fall in Indiana

What a fantabulous weekend this was. I was so sad to see it end! One wonderful thing after the next. Loren had his fall break on Friday, and I took the day off so we could have a full day of adventures together. I’ve been wanting to get back to Bloomington (they have the best food, apparently) and also visit Nashville/Brown County, since it has been recommended by so many. It was the perfect fall day, even though it was cloudy. The leaves are all starting to change, and the drive was quite pretty! I guess Indiana isn’t so bad after all. 😉

Bloomington, IN

We left home around 8:45 so we could stop at this scenic barn and pasture that Loren passes on his way to school every day and has wanted to get a picture of in the early morning rays. Our next stop was breakfast in Bloomington. We dined at Uptown Café, where I ordered Huevos Rancheros and Loren chose their breakfast special of the day, the Hoosier Benedict. Super-fast service and delicious food and coffee! It was so good and we were so hungry when it came, that we didn’t wait take pictures. Not that you wanted to see more food pictures, anyway. After we stuffed ourselves, we wandered a bit around Bloomington and the IU campus.

Nashville, IN

Our next stop was Nashville, an adorable little town nestled in Brown County about 30 minutes east of Bloomington. Nashville has over 200 little shops that offer anything from antiques to candles to fudge to art to leather goods to wood works to pottery and everything in between. Our decision to get some peanut butter and maple pecan fudge from  Schwab’s Fudge was probably the best decision of the day. Best fudge I’ve ever had! We wandered around the town, stopping in whatever little shop took our fancy. Eventually hunger struck again, so we stopped at That Sandwich Place, a rustic sandwich shop very proud of all things IU/Bob Knight, for a late lunch before taking some alley pictures and driving back home.
 And our date day was not over yet! Since we got back home around 4, we decided to go see the early showing of Inside Out, which had FINALLY come to our cheap theater. Pixar, you’ve done it again! Later on after dinner, we sat in front of our “fireplace” (candles) and had donuts with apple cider. The perfect end to quite the perfect day!
Saturday we slept in, Loren worked and in the afternoon we headed to Cincinnati to visit with Loren’s parents for a little bit before having a fun dinner and games with Caleb and Chelsea.

Sunday was also pretty relaxed and we didn’t do a whole lot.

How was your fall weekend?

That Time I said “YES!”

 I am by no means easy to surprise. Many have tried and failed. But exactly two years ago, Loren pulled off the biggest surprise of my life when he asked me to be his wife.

Loren had recently started his senior year of college and I was working full time. We had been trying to take a day trip to Charleston, SC (my favorite city) with another couple for quite some time, and had planned to go October 5. Coincidentally (or so I thought), one of my best friends, Joy, also asked me if I wanted to take a girls day trip to Charleston on that same day. Unbeknownst to me, to make it all seem like coincidence, Loren had arranged for her to ask me before he told me that our other friends had to cancel at the last minute due to a family emergency. Since Joy is a rather spontaneous person and also loves to go to Charleston, I thought nothing of it.

So after finding out our other friends had to cancel, it was decided that I would take a girls day trip with Joy and Steph. I assumed Loren would be working, as he usually did every Saturday. We headed out Saturday morning, of course stopped for coffee, and had a fun 3 hour road trip to the best city ever. Joy kept texting “Jordan” the whole way down (well, Steph did since Joy was driving) ​. “Jordan” was actually Loren, but since Joy has a couple of friends named Jordan, I once again thought nothing of it. Turns out “Jordan” was also on his way down to Charleston with my sister and her family to set up the spot where he would propose.

We got to Charleston around 11am. Joy had a few places she wanted to go once we got to Charleston, and the Battery/Waterfront Park was were she wanted to stop first. We started walking that way.  Once again, Joy was texting “Jordan” the whole time about something “important” (where we were). 


Picture stop 1.
We stopped for pictures along the Battery, then stepped into the gazebo in Waterfront Park for some more pictures.

​And then Loren walked up!


Right in the middle of our classic Heidi/Joy picture pose.

“Here, do you want me to take that picture for you?”
As soon as Loren walked up, I knew what was going down. I was just so in shock that he was right here in front of me when he was supposed to be at work back in Greenville (he had even texted me a picture while at “work”)! He took my hand and asked me if he could show me something. We walked off to a special tree where he had set up several picture frames with pictures of us from the past year of dating.

“I can’t believe you’re here!”

One of the picture at the gazebo that I totally missed.
We sat on a blanket under the tree and Loren asked if he could read me a book he had written and illustrated titled “I Need to Tie My Shoe” (the title comes from back when he was little and thought it would be an awesome idea to pretend to tie his shoe and then pop the question). The book was our story, about how much he had enjoyed getting to know me, etc. Then he got to the page that read “I love you, Heidi Elise” and handed me the book while he got down on one knee, pulled out the most perfect ring and asked me to marry him! I shyly said “yes!”, still trying to process that this was really happening.

​Eventually, we sat back down, read the book again and talked a bit before I noticed that Crystal was hiding behind one of the canons in the park taking pictures the whole time. We made our way over to her, Joel and the other girls and took a few more pictures.


Simple, classy and elegant – just what i wanted!

Shocked he pulled it off. 😉
And that’s how we got engaged. We spent the rest of the day eating the special lunch Loren’s brother Jonathan had prepared for us, exploring Charleston and celebrating that evening at a fancy waterfront restaurant while trying to soak in that we were really getting married and enjoying the most perfect day.

Here we are two years later just over a year into marriage … and I wouldn’t change anything.
​Thanks for the best surprise ever, babe! I love you!
And thanks to all who made this best surprise and most amazing day possible!