First Snow

This weekend was relaxing, even if it was busy. Loren had another crazy intense week with meetings, final reports and who-knows-what-else to finish up before Thanksgiving break. But Friday night finally arrived and it was wonderful. I did some grocery shopping on the way home from work and scored a free Starbucks sample. Worth documenting, obviously. After a late dinner, we settled in for a movie, popcorn and hot chocolate. Sometimes a date night at home is just what you need.
Saturday morning I did some baking while Loren finished up his last report before we headed to Dawn & Keith’s for a newborn/family photoshoot. As we were driving, it started to snow! I didn’t think it would stick, but it did! At least for a few hours. The photoshoot was crazy but fun. 

Those little kissy lips get me every time!!
Sunday after church, fellowship and lunch, we headed to Cincinnati for dinner and a movie night with Caleb & Chelsea and didn’t take any pictures. But thanks for another fun evening, guys!

And now we are finishing up this short work week so we can celebrate Thanksgiving with family. Can’t wait to see everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving week!

heidi sign

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to this little blog of mine!

​When I started it last year, I honestly didn’t know how long it would last. Now it feels like I’ve had it for forever! Can’t wait to see you grow even more, little blog.
​Thanks to all you readers who have faithfully kept up with my random ramblings and posts. You all are the best!

Here’s to many more life, project and random documented years.

Does This Make Me a Morning Person?

Getting up is hard for me. But since I started working full time a couple of years ago, I think I have become more of a morning person. I never thought I would say that. But here is my routine which I think contributes to this morning personess:

1. Go to bed at a decent time. We try to go to bed between 10:30-11 p.m. Any later and it’s pretty regretful the next morning.

2. Don’t hit snooze. I often fail with this one, but when I do get up the first time my alarm goes off, I normally feel more awake than on the mornings I hit snooze.

3. Drink a glass of water. This helps hydrate and wake me up at the same time.

4. Open windows. There’s just something about good, cold fresh air in the morning.

5. Work out. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to get up the nerve to start my work out. But I never regret it after it’s over! I’ve learned that if I don’t do it in the morning, I never will. Working out in the morning gets my blood rushing and I have discovered that it helps me stay awake (normally) at work.

6. Take a cold(ish) shower. If I take a hot shower in the mornings, I tend to stay in the shower way longer than necessary and get sleepy. A quick, colder shower is key!

7. Eat breakfast. Usually coffee and eggs, fruit, pancakes, or cereal. I can’t make it to lunch without eating a good breakfast. Also helps kick in my metabolism and gives me energy.

8. Pick out your outfit the night before. I fail horribly at this. But it always turns out well when I do pick out my outfit (at least in my mind) the night before.

And now you have the tried and true formula to becoming a morning person.

What are some ways you kickstart your mornings?

Nacho Average Weekend

I apologize for this late in the week weekend roundup. I am recovering from some cold thing that attacked Sunday night. Unfortunately, Loren has gotten it now, so we are trying to lay low with lots of orange juice, tea, tissues and soup.
Anyway, back to the fun stuff. We had another fun and busy weekend. Surprised? Good. Friday night for date night we finally used a Groupon I snagged a while back and tried out a local restaurant that is known for their nachos and wings. The reviews did not lie! The pot roast nachos were pretty amazing and the wings were also tingly delicious. It just happened to be National Nacho Day, and we were happy to celebrate accordingly. 
Saturday we got up pretty early for a Saturday so Loren could work. I ran errands and cleaned the apartment before Caleb and Chelsea came for our monthly get-togethers, which seem to get crazier and awesomer every time. After dinner and dessert we talked for a while and then played several games, which kept getting funnier. So thankful for this fun, encouraging couple! 
Sunday after Sunday School, we headed to Cincinnati to meet our newest nephew Luke (Loren’s side) who was born on November 3rd. And see the rest of the family, of course. It’s always good to get together with almost the whole family.  So thankful for the wonderful family I married into. 🙂 
I hope you had a lovely weekend if you can remember back that far.
​Happy rest of the week! 🙂

Crisp Living: 11 Uses for Coconut Oil

I discovered the many magical powers of coconut oil about a year ago. I’ve never really used makeup remover because it’s expensive. I stopped buying frizzy hair tamers because they didn’t seem to work. Now I just buy one product that I use for multiple purposes, with better and healthier results than using so many other products.
Here are some of the ways I use this liquid gold:

1. Baking/cooking – substitute 1 cup for 1 cup of vegetable oil.

2. Frizzy hair calmer – with your hands, run a dime-size amount of coconut oil
 through your hair, mainly getting the ends.

3. Makeup remover – I normally wash my face with soap, then rub on some coconut oil to get whatever’s left. Don’t get it in your eyes!

4. Face moisturizer – dab a little coconut oil all over your face before going to bed (I now look ten years younger!).

5. Lip balm – I like to rub on a little when I moisturize my face.

6. Acne controller/scar smoother – Loren has been using coconut oil on his face to control acne and smooth scars, and it has helped so much.

7. Shaving cream – use just like you would shaving cream. My legs feel smoother after using coconut oil than after using regular shaving cream.

8. Insect Repellent – mix oil with peppermint extract and rub it over exposed skin.

9. Sunburn relief – apply as you would aloe vera. I have found this works way better than aloe. It’s not sticky, you don’t get itchy, it keeps your tan, you don’t peel, etc.

10. Dish soap – just kidding.

11. Teeth cleaner – known as “oil pulling”. I tried this twice and gave up because you have to swish the oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes and I’m just not that patient. But I hear several people have had wonderful results from oil pulling.

Do you use coconut oil? What for?

Sisters and Pancakes

 What a perfect week/weekend finishing out October! My sister and her family from Ohio came for a short visit on Thursday to meet baby Brady, so three of us sisters were able to get together for a short time. Always fun and crazy, especially now with all the toddlers and babies. After hanging out with Dawn and her clan for a while, Crystal and her family came over to our place for dinner.

The right way to eat ice cream!
​Friday night for date night, Loren and I went and saw Ant-Man. It was delightfully hilarious and we quite enjoyed it.

Saturday we finally had a pancake party with the Daku kids. We ate lots of pancakes and bacon, watched cartoons and played an entertaining game of Quelf. Thanks for the fun and laughs, guys!


PC: Vashti

PC: Vashti

PC: Vashti
Sunday we went to church, ate chili, didn’t take a nap (thank you daylight savings time for the extra hour in the morning) and worked on random things. I will say that DST caught up with me last night. I was dead tired and ready to go to sleep by 9:30.

​Happy November!