Cincinnati Coffee Crawl

Over the Christmas holidays, we joined Loren’s siblings for a fun coffee crawl around Cincinnati. Marcus compiled a fantastic list of coffee shops all over the city to visit and compare. Since we didn’t want to get too much of a coffee high, we generally all split a couple shots of espresso and a latte at each place to get a taste of the flavors and quality of the coffee.

* note: all these opinions are mine and may differ from other participants of this coffee tasting *

College Hill Coffee Co.

First stop. Not a favorite, but it had great seating and a quaint little country store that reminded me of Cracker Barrel. The coffee was pretty mellow and tasted like dirt and the latte was watery. So probably a 3/10.

Christmas Weekend-61


Sidewinder Coffee

I gave Sidewinder a 6/10. The espresso was rich and fresh. Heather got a lavender mocha latte, which I had never tried before and wasn’t a huge fan, but some of the others liked it.  Not a whole lot of seating, but cute little setup and tasty bakery items.

Christmas Weekend-66
Christmas Weekend-64

Christmas Weekend-63

Coffee Emporium 

This one was my favorite. Easily 10/10. The building itself was simply adorable, and the drinks were the best. The balance and flavor of the coffee was perfect – smooth, yet bold and slightly acidic and the lattes were foamed to perfection.

Christmas Weekend-70

Christmas Weekend-69


Lookout Joe

Lookout Joe wasn’t too shabby, either. Lots of different coffee blends and flavors to choose from, ranging from mellow to bold. The coffee I tried here was a little nutty and sweet. 7/10.

Christmas Weekend-72

Christmas Weekend-2

Christmas Weekend-1


Awakenings is a high-end coffee and wine shop, and therefore a little more expensive. I only tried an espresso from here, which was pretty bold and acidic, scoring at 7/10.

Christmas Weekend-76

Christmas Weekend-77

Christmas Weekend-3

A very fun experience that I would love to try around Indianapolis sometime. Anyone want to join? Or have suggestions of where to go?

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Chicken Alfredo Broccoli Pizza

We had Chicken Alfredo for dinner the other night and had lots of leftovers. Sunday evening is usually some form of pizza night, and I thought “Why not make Chicken Alfredo Broccoli Pizza!” Best decision I’ve ever made in the pizza department. Since I used leftover sauce, putting my pizza together was a little simpler, but here is my recipe. And don’t let the broccoli throw you off. My husband generally prefers not to partake in broccoli consumption, but he was definitely a fan of it as a topping on this pizza.

Chicken Alfredo Broccoli Pizza

1 (16 inch) pre-made pizza crust (I use this recipe because I have the worst luck with yeast)
1 jar Alfredo sauce
1 chicken breast, grilled
1 cup Mozzarella or cheddar cheese
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
1 cup broccoli florets

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Lay out pizza crust on a 16” pizza pan. Spread on the Alfredo sauce. Top with chicken and broccoli florets. Top with cheese. Bake for 20 minutes or until the crust is browned.
(Makes 4 Servings)
So simple, so delicious!
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January Update

As you may or may have noticed, my blog has been getting up update. The process of transferring posts + busy weeknights has taken me way too long to post again, but here I am finally at it again!

Let’s play a little catch up, shall we? We had a lot that happened just after Christmas. 4 of us 6 sisters & our respective families were able to get together for a few days, and it was a blast. There were 7 nephews and nieces 4 & under, so I can assure you it was never boring. Or quiet. In the best way. One of the nights, we made fondue, which was pretty hilarious with some of the kids. It was such a sweet time to be together and I hope we can do that again sooner than later. Now for some pictures of those fun times.
















New Year’s Eve we spent with Dawn & Heather & their families and cheered in the New Year with some sparkling juice.

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New Year’s Day, we traveled down to Columbus to see the Columbus Zoo Light Tour with Crystal & Joel.











And the rest of January worth noting so far:

We finally had a full weekend at home.
Loren and I started commuting to work together (he has a 10 week internship downtown).

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We had a dinner and date night (thanks Heather & Marcus!) and saw the newest Star Wars. So good!


Got some snow (this was from the first round).


Joanna came one Friday before she went back to school for some girl time and bridesmaids dress shopping.

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We’ve had friends over, and been over to friends’ houses.

I hope you have had a lovely start to this new year!
One of my resolutions is to be more disciplined in posting on this little blog. So cheers to that!

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