Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Another good long weekend! Friday {date} night, we had a quiet evening at home celebrating Loren’s completion of his last grad school requirement (finishing up his elementary school externship) before going out to get Mrs. Curl for dessert. We were too busy saving all the ice cream from dripping down our hands to take any decent pictures.

 Saturday morning we slept way in after our crazy week and then made brunch together. And I did something for the first time…I cut Loren’s hair! Which was fun and terrifying. Kind of a long story – if you want to hear it, let me know. The rest of the day was spent running some errands, cleaning up the apartment and relaxing.

Bacon, French toast bake and fresh strawberries


Sunday we were finally back at church again and then headed to Cincinnati for some birthday celebrations in the afternoon. We had the most amazing grilled chicken, way too much cake and lots of fun activities out in my in-laws beautiful backyard. I love summer evenings with family!

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Teaching the kids how to play croquet.

We spend Sunday night with mom & dad and they took us to brunch Monday morning at the cute little Village Troubadour before we headed back home. It was fun to spend time with just them and hear some of their early-married-days stories.

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Creme brulee french toast and some of the best coffee.

Monday evening we headed over to Dawn & Keith’s for a little family cookout. Another fun family backyard evening. I am so grateful for all the family we have close by!

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Answer questions to entertain us.
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Good thing Uncle Loren is so tall and can help them see the loud ambulance driving by.
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Sisters! And a sleepy Brady.

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend!

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2 Weddings in 1 Weekend

We’re back from our crazy whirlwind wedding weekend and I can finally share everything with you! Please enjoy the myriad of pictures to make up for the ones I failed to take last week.

Wedding #1: Jeffrey & Joanna in Cincinnati, OH
We headed to Cincinnati Thursday after work, since Loren and I were both in the wedding and wanted to get down there a little earlier to help out. But then Friday had other plans for us. Loren woke up horribly sick with a high fever, chills, etc. I gave him some medicine & fluids and he went back to sleep while I went over to help out with the flower decorations. Around noon, he texted me that he had thrown up, so I headed back to check on him. He was even worse than that morning. Needless to say, we didn’t end up going anywhere the rest of the day.  He really really didn’t want to miss any of his sister’s wedding celebrations, and we even started driving to the church for the rehearsal, but we had to turn back around. Thankfully on Saturday, he was feeling much better and able to make it to pictures & the wedding.
Back to wedding stuff. Saturday morning, we had a fun bridesmaids brunch at Half Day Cafe before hair and makeup. We got all prettied up and before we knew it, it was time for pictures! The evening ceremony and reception were so sweet & beautiful and we are so excited and happy for Jeffrey & Joanna as they start on this new adventure of life! Congrats, guys!

Fun brunch with the lovely bridesmaids.


Ready to get hair & makeup done!


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So, so happy for this sweet couple!!!! (and I promise that Loren isn’t really a giant)

And a couple beautiful pictures from the amazing photographer, Sarah Beth Sutter Photography. (If you ever need a photographer in the Cincinnati area, call her!!!)

sarahbethj&jo sarahbethj&j2

Wedding #2: Caleb & Annalise in Athens, GA
Sunday morning, we got up super early to head down to GA for my cousin’s wedding and made it just in time for their beautiful Southern outdoor ceremony. Caleb & Annalise are high school sweethearts and have been together for about 6 years and it was so sweet to see them tie the knot. After the ceremony, we had a delicious dinner and caught up with all the other relatives we don’t see enough. (And I finally got some good sweet tea. They just don’t know how to do it up here.) We are super excited for Caleb & Annalise to join the married club. Congrats, guys!

Two hours in we finally stopped for breakfast & coffee.
The adorable, very happy couple.                                                         PC: Aunt Bonnie, mother of the groom
Bouquet toss


Dennae’s wedding is also coming up pretty soon!!

After the wedding festivities, we headed to our “hotel” for the night (we used Airbnb for the first time and loved it!) and crashed.
Monday morning, we had brunch in Athens at Mama’s Boy, recommended by Aunt Bonnie, and I can see why it’s a winner. The coffee was great and the food tasty. We took our time driving back home and stopped at this little overlook we’ve stopped at several times over the past couple years while traveling this route (took this favorite there). For some reason we can never remember the name of the overlook. But it’s Rarity Mountain and we better never forget it now.

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IMG_3465 IMG_3466 IMG_3470 IMG_3471

Rarity Mountain
Fancy camera setup


Such a fun, crazy, sweet (have I said that enough yet? 😉 ) memorable weekend!

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Graduation Parties

It’s Wednesday, but I’m going to write about our weekend anyway. Graduation party and wedding season has begun! And. Guys. I failed HORRIBLY this weekend. I took 2 pictures this weekend. TWO PICTURES!! And we had several things to be remembered.

Since we had our anniversary/date night on Thursday, we kept Friday night open to running errands and working on various projects.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and while Loren kept plugging away at his Sunday school lesson, I started getting all the food ready for his graduation party. Sometime early afternoon, we loaded up the car with crockpots and tortillas and balloons and everything else and headed up to Dawn’s. She and Keith were very gracious and opened up their house to us for the graduation party. We had originally planned to use their spacious and beautiful backyard, but the weather was not in our favor. It was cold and rainy. Isn’t it the middle of May??? So inside party it was! Dawn and I talked and got caught up while she helped me set up the food. Then around 5pm, the guests started arriving. Mostly family and few friends, but it still ended up being about 25 people for dinner. After our taco dinner, we played a couple games before dessert. It was such a fun night and we were so grateful for every single person that came. My only regret is that I didn’t get any pictures when the party really started. Oh well, anybody want to come back and do it again?

Ready to party! Or take a nap, in Brady’s case.
A picture I sent my sister of the hot food setup prep.
Just in case you forgot what the grad looked like 😉

Sunday we had church, lunch, a nap and cleaned up the apartment. Pretty predicable? 😉 In the early evening, we went to one of our teens’ open house, then came back and watched a movie before bed.  And then it was Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend!

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Five on Friday // 5-13-16

I’ve failed the past couple weeks on Friday Favorites (planning posts in advance is not my strong suit). But here are this week’s random favorites.

IMG_3375IMG_3363ONE// The Melting Pot. We went to this fondue restaurant last night for our anniversary. Best 3 hour dinner date ever!

TWO // Kickboxing. I did a kickboxing class this week and it. Was. Amazing. I totally want to do it again!

IMG_3384THREE // This card of different pictures/moments of that past two years that Loren drew me for an anniversary card. Isn’t he amazing!!??

IMG_3302FOUR // Coffee & canvas. This is from last week, but my firm had a retreat day at the office with lots of fun activities. My painting ended up not really looking the best, but it was a blast!

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FIVE // The sun finally came out late this week and I took a little walk around our work building. This Scottish Rite Cathedral is across the street. I love intricate architecture!

I hope you’ve had a great week and have a wonderful weekend!

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2 Years of Marriage

wedding hands731 days ago on a perfect warm spring evening, we tightly clasped hands as we stood together and vowed our lives to each other. 2 years isn’t that long, but it also feels like forever.

Love is strange. Sometimes you just can’t explain it. Love is a bond you only feel when you’re around your person. Love makes you feel taken, secure, content and special. Love motivates and drives you to do things you never would otherwise. Love is mature in actions, words and deeds. Love is sometimes sitting together in silence, just enjoying being together. Love is being idiots together and not caring what others think. Love is people asking when they look at us in 50 years: “Did that old couple just start dating?” Love is beautiful and timeless.

I have found him whom my soul loves. ~ Song of Solomon

I love you, Loren!


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Grads and Moms

He did it!!! Loren graduated from grad school on Friday!! I couldn’t be more excited and proud of him. We headed down to Bloomington early Friday morning for the first event of the day – externship reports – where all the SLP graduates shared their experiences in their respective hospital and school settings from the past semester. This was followed by a luncheon and award ceremony, and Loren received an award for all his hard work, leadership and most likely to excel in the field (or something like that). By then it was time for him to get ready to march in for Commencement! Loren’s younger sister graduated with her undergrad degree the same day down in SC, so Loren’s parents were down there, but Carrie (sister who is an SLP), Emily & Steve were able to make it to see Loren in his ceremonial robes. Such a fun and exciting day!

And here are lots of obligatory pictures:

Receiving his award. #proudwife


Can you spot him?

DSC_0425 DSC_0426


DSC_0434 DSC_0443

Their practice together someday will be: “Crisp & Crisp: If You Can’t Say the Name, Come on In”


So happy family was there. 🙂
Ready for the next adventure!

Carrie spent Thursday and Friday night with us, and Saturday morning we all slept in after the previous days’ crazy activities. She headed back home just a few hours before we also headed to Cincinnati for Mother’s Day.

Sunday, as you are most likely aware, was Mother’s Day and we made a special breakfast with lots of bacon for Loren’s mom. After church, we had a surprise graduation party with family for Joanna.

The almost-married graduate. 🙂

DSC_1372 DSC_1376 DSC_1381

Thankful for such wonderful parents!


Just a few short years ago she was a freshman & my roommate. *sniff*
Congrats to the grads!!

And that was pretty much it!
Did you have any family members graduate this weekend?

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May Goals

May is here! And lots of fun things planned for this month.

IMG_3284 (1)Plans/Goals:
~ watch Loren receive his grad diploma
~ celebrate Mother’s Day with Loren’s mom
~ throw a graduation party for Loren
~ participate in a family wedding in OH
~ attend a family wedding in GA
~ stay in our first Airbnb
~ take a kickboxing class
~ read 3 books
~ plan something special for our anniversary
~ journal 6 days a week
~ try 6 new recipes
~ discover the perfect homemade iced coffee
~ plan & book summer vacation
~ coordinate an Indy coffee crawl

What are your goals for May?

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Rain and Shine

This weekend was pretty amazing. We were home for most of it, and that was just what I needed. Friday night after a crazy day (and week) at work, I was so tired that I took a nap before our date night in with homemade pizza and a movie.

Saturday we slept WAAAY in until we finally got up to make brunch. It rained pretty much all day, but that was fine with me because it was nice and cozy inside. Late afternoon we went to see some of our church kids in a production of The Wizard of Oz. It was a fun play and they did a great job! Loren voted Chinese Orange Chicken for dinner, so we picked up the necessities and made that together when we got back home. I love teaching him how to cook! We wrapped up the night with a couple Office episodes and card games before bed.



IMG_3232 IMG_3236


Sunday was a beautiful, sunny and warm day. After church and lunch, we ran some errands and decided to stop at Mrs. Curl (local ice cream shop with the best soft serve) for an ice cream date. Totally worth the 40 minute wait in line. Come visit us this summer and we’ll take you there! Later that evening, we hosted another game night which ended with some hilarious improv games (which, yes, I failed to take pictures of).


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IMG_3259 IMG_3256

How is it May already?! Which means warmer temps are hopefully closer to sticking around more consistently. And more importantly, Loren graduates from grad school this Friday!!!

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