Life Lately

I’ve been rather absent from the blog since baby’s arrival, but it’s time to pick things up again! Starting off my official return with a few recent life highlights:

Emberly had her first Dr. visit and wasn’t a huge fan of getting naked for that.

We broke out the stroller and had our first family walk, which also happened to be daddy’s first day back at work.

I took Emberly on her first Starbucks and Target run – teaching her the important things in life! ūüėČ Also, why can’t all stores have grocery carts as smooth as Target!?

We had a Friday night family ice cream date and walk along the Canal.

Several family members and friends came to meet Emberly.

My cousin Dennae and her husband Daniel all the way from SC
Blake warmed up to the idea of holding a fresh baby. ūüėČ
Cincinnati cousins & aunt & uncle
Joanna & Jeffrey also came all the way from SC to meet E
And of course the grandparents

When Loren’s parents came for a visit this past weekend, they babysat Emberly for a couple hours and Loren and I snuck away for a baby-free coffee date.

This past weekend, I had the privilege of helping host a bridal shower for my friend Vashti. It was so much fun (and these are all the pictures I got)!

And one more baby picture because she’s just too cute.

That’s about it for now!
We’re are taking our first roadtrip (just to Cincinnati) with baby this weekend, so we’ll see how that goes!

Anniversary/Babymoon Trip (Michigan City, IN)

I’m finally sharing 100 million pictures from our anniversary trip last weekend! We had a hard time deciding where to go this year (not too far from home, not too pricey, etc.) and finally decided on Michigan City, IN. We had heard that the Indiana Dunes were pretty amazing, and since Michigan City is on¬†Lake Michigan, we knew there would be some beaches. And of course I made sure there were at least a couple of good places to eat and get coffee. The weather was perfect (warmer than we were expecting!), and we had a lovely time. The perfect little anniversary/babymoon getaway.

Where we stayed:
We found a cozy little little Airbnb – In the woods, about 10 minutes from food and the beach, with a few walking trails on the property.

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Coffee & Friends Weekend

Nothing like a weekend recap on a Wednesday!

Friday {date} night, I was going to make tacos at home for dinner, but going out for “real” Mexican just sounded better. So that’s exactly what we did! We had a nice dinner reconnecting over chips & salsa and other Mexican goodness, then went to BabiesRUs to check out some car seats (never to early, right?) and buy baby girl’s first outfit. I’m really stuck on¬†an elephant theme for this baby girl, and found this perfect outfit.

Saturday morning we got in a workout before Loren’s sister & her husband came for the day. Once they arrived, we chatted and played a game of Pandemic¬†before lunch, then headed out to try a few local Indy coffee shops (reviews below so I don’t forget).¬†After all the coffee, we decided we need a snack and stopped at Long’s Bakery¬†to introduce them to¬†our favorite donuts before Heather and Marcus headed home.

Kaffeine Coffee – located just off the popular Mass Ave in an old warehouse. Old, cozy feeling; not a ton of seating.
Cappuccino – creamy espresso perfection.
Pour over – dark roast, rich woody flavor, musky scent.
Overall, pure delicious flavors (they don’t use syrups!).

Quills Coffee – located just off the Canal in the lobby area of an apartment building (I need to move here!). Plenty of seating and overall cozy atmosphere. Specializes in seasonal coffees from all over the world.
Pour over – medium Ethiopian roast, hint of tangerine and graham cracker.

Rabble Coffee РOne of the newest coffee shops in town. Run by a new young business owner, this little shop is the perfect mix of eclectic, friendly, artistic and cozy.
Cappuccino – straight up perfect and delicious (yes, I know this is a great description).

Sunday evening we had some of the Daku kids over for a long-overdue game night. We played a variety of fun and crazy games, ending with hide-and-seek in the dark. Never a dull moment with these guys!

1 Down, 51 to Go

This first weekend of 2017 was pretty quiet and quite nice.

Friday {date} night, Loren and I had dinner at home then decided to go out for a fancy dessert. We got a recommendation from a friend and headed downtown to Tinker Street Restaurant¬†for their famous S’more Pot de Creme (chocolate mousse with marshmallow creme) and Tinker Street Layered Parfait (mango and raspberry sorbet). Both of the desserts were fantastic and we definitely want to go back for dinner sometime. It was so fun to have this¬†little date and explore a little more of Indianapolis!

Blurry phone pic, but proof that Loren was also there ūüėČ

Saturday Loren was in Cincinnati all day shooting another wedding, but I stayed home this time to get random projects and cleaning and errands done. Nothing too exciting to report there.

Sunday afternoon after church, lunch and naps, we decided to get out of the house for a couple of hours and spent some time at Quills Coffee reading and journaling. We closed out the weekend making dinner together and preparing for a busy week ahead.

I hope you had a lovely first weekend of the year!

If We Had a Coffee Date (Vol. 1)

photo 1 (1)Let’s have a coffee date! If we were to meet up for coffee, here is what I would tell you:

I’d tell you how proud I am of Loren finishing his first trimester of SLP fellowship (how has this already flown by!?). He’s loving it and I can’t wait to keep watching him excel.

I’d tell you the new Gilmore Girls trailer had me asking so many questions (Emily in jeans AND a tshirt??!!) and getting even more excited for November 25th (even though I probably won’t be watching it until several days later). Get the coffee, poptarts and pizza ready, people!

I’d tell you I’m loving my new coffee bar and I’m having fun setting it up and rearranging the kitchen.

I’d tell you how excited I am to be shadowing a wedding coordinator this weekend.

I’d tell you how hard it is to have patience sometimes when you’re waiting to hear back from people about potential job changes.

I’d tell you that Loren and I have been SO good with our workouts every morning until this week when we got sickish and it felt good to finally be back in the gym today.

Now what would you tell me?

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Five on Friday // 10-7-16

Oh hey, Friday!

img_4771img_4770img_4763 img_4773ONE // Luke’s Diner¬†came to town. As you may have seen¬†on my Instagram, some other Gilmore Girls¬†and I made it over to Luke’s Diner on Wednesday for coffee. Can’t wait for November 25 (if you don’t know why, that’s too bad)!!!

Incredible, perfectly spiced healthy turkey chili made with lean ground turkey, kidney beans and corn. This version is simply the BEST!TWO //¬†This chili recipe. I still haven’t found “my” perfect chili recipe yet, but I made this one this week and it came pretty close! Next time, I’m going to tweak it a little more and hopefully perfect it.

THREE // My new workout schedule. In addition to her leather goods shop and other work, my SIL creates workout schedules. I’ve been doing one she sent me for the past couple of weeks, and I love it. Nothing like a 6am sweat!

finding_doryFOUR // Finding Dory is finally in our cheap theater, so you know where to find us for date night. Can’t wait!

FIVE // Hoopla ebooks. I’ve mentioned hoopla for free audiobooks and music (through your library) before, but they recently added ebooks, and as much as I love physical books, it’s been great to not have to run to the library.

Happy weekending!


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Five on Friday // 9-30-16

Guys, how is this the last day of September!?

Since yesterday was National Coffee Day, today’s favorites are all coffee related.

Wooden Sign - Little Bit of Coffee Whole Lot of Jesus Coffee by DRSignsDesigns:

ONE // At-home coffee bar. I’m on the lookout¬†for the perfect¬†coffee bar cart or small dresser or something so I can make my own little coffee bar.

Pallet Coffee Mug / Cup Rack or holder - 20 Inexpensive Pallet Projects You Can Do | 99 Pallets:

TWO // Pallet coffee mug holder. Next on the project list when we finish the headboard!

THREE // Monogram belly mugs from Target.

FOUR // Painted mugs from Anthropologie.

FIVE// “Blogging Day” mug from francesca’s.

Have a good weekend!
Ours is looking super busy and will for sure include lots of coffee.

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Did We Buy a Truck?

Happy Monday!
Now that I’m (hopefully) back on the regular blogging track, here is another monumental weekend recap:

Friday {date} night, we kept it low-key with a trip to pick up some more pallets and then to Best Buy in search of the perfect iPhone camera lens attachment so I can take spectacular pictures for my blog without lugging the big camera around. We didn’t find the one we were looking for at the store, but we’ve got our eye on this one.¬†Any recommendations from you guys? By the time our fruitless shopping trip was over, we were pretty hungry and headed back home for a candlelight dinner and movie.

Obligatory blurry Best Buy date night pic.

Saturday we slept in a little later than intended, made brunch and planned out the rest of the weekend. We took one of our cars to CarMax to get an estimate (for the nearish future) and tried out some of the cars in the lot for fun. After CarMax and several other errands, we met up with Ryan and Kristel for dinner and coffee at a newly opened coffee shop (The Well) Loren recently discovered. Sweet time with sweet friends!

Definitely a truck girl. Not.
McAlister’s Reuben. SO good!
Joanna Gaines would be proud.
Joanna Gaines would be proud.


Sunday after church and lunch, we took care of the next two weeks’¬†grocery shopping (worst day to do this), lunch prepped for the week and worked on projects. I should note that we had this season’s first PSL. And probably the last. I’m holding out for the¬†Caramel Brul√©e Latte!

Processed with Snapseed.
Getting closer to the headboard!


And, in case this post title tricked you, we didn’t buy a truck. Gotcha!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Coffee, Hearts and Snow

This weekend was quietish and full. Loren commented last night that last weekend (hanging out with friends every night) was very much his (extrovert) kind of weekend and this weekend (mostly just us at home) was one of my (introvert) kind of weekends. How true that was! We kicked the weekend off on Friday with dinner & a movie at home. Much needed after a crazy long week.

¬†Saturday morning Loren made french toast, we read together, then did chores and ran errands before trying out a new (to me) coffee shop downtown. Calvin Fletcher’s¬†was an eccentric little shop, with plenty of seating and delicious coffee. By the time we got home we were starving, so we made pizza.



Thinking about all his projects.


And now for the mushy part: Sunday was Valentine’s Day (in case you didn’t notice all the other posts and advertising)! We don’t really get each other gifts for Valentine’s Day, so this year, we each made a meal for the other. I made homemade heart-shaped poptarts for breakfast, and that evening Loren made a delicious cheese fondue for our fancy at-home dinner date. It snowed all afternoon, which only added to the romantic coziness of the evening.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
All ready for breakfast in bed.
Click to see the snow falling!




So glad he’s my valentine ūüôā


And that was our wonderful quiet weekend! I hope you had a great¬†one yourself and didn’t get snowed in too much.

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Cincinnati Coffee Crawl

Over the Christmas holidays, we joined¬†Loren’s siblings for a fun coffee crawl around¬†Cincinnati. Marcus compiled a fantastic¬†list of coffee shops all over the city to visit and compare. Since we didn’t want to get too much of a coffee high, we generally all split a couple shots of espresso and a latte at each place to get a taste of the flavors and quality of the coffee.

* note: all these opinions are mine and may differ from other participants of this coffee tasting *

College Hill Coffee Co.

First stop. Not a favorite, but it had great seating and a quaint little country store that reminded me of Cracker Barrel. The coffee was pretty mellow and tasted like dirt and the latte was watery. So probably a 3/10.

Christmas Weekend-61


Sidewinder Coffee

I gave Sidewinder¬†a 6/10. The espresso was rich and fresh. Heather got a lavender mocha latte, which I had never tried before and wasn’t¬†a huge fan, but some of the others liked it.¬†¬†Not a whole lot of seating, but cute little setup and tasty bakery items.

Christmas Weekend-66
Christmas Weekend-64

Christmas Weekend-63

Coffee Emporium 

This one was my favorite. Easily 10/10. The building itself was simply adorable, and the drinks were the best. The balance and flavor of the coffee was perfect Рsmooth, yet bold and slightly acidic and the lattes were foamed to perfection.

Christmas Weekend-70

Christmas Weekend-69


Lookout Joe

Lookout Joe wasn’t too shabby, either. Lots of different coffee blends and flavors to choose from, ranging from mellow to bold. The coffee I tried here was a little nutty and sweet. 7/10.

Christmas Weekend-72

Christmas Weekend-2

Christmas Weekend-1


Awakenings is a high-end coffee and wine shop, and therefore a little more expensive. I only tried an espresso from here, which was pretty bold and acidic, scoring at 7/10.

Christmas Weekend-76

Christmas Weekend-77

Christmas Weekend-3

A very fun experience that I would love to try around Indianapolis sometime. Anyone want to join? Or have suggestions of where to go?

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