2017 in Review

Even though we are now a couple weeks into 2018, I still want to review a few highlights from 2017. Obviously, having an adorable baby girl was the biggest highlight (as confirmed above by bestnine), but here are some other highlights of the year I don’t want to forget:

January – Abby’s tea partyraclette holiday party, revealing baby’s genderIndy coffee date w/Heather & Marcus

February – brunch at Milktooth, weekend in Columbus OH

March – Loren’s 25th birthday, my family came to visit, new camera

April – bought a car, maternity shootE’s family baby shower, ladies retreat

May – Anniversary/babymoon trip to Michigan CityTaste of Cincinnati, Joy’s visit

June – church baby shower & Stayer visitmy 26th birthdaysurprise work baby shower

July – Emberly born

August – weekend at the grandparentsVashti’s wedding, got passports

September – roadtrip to SChike at IMA

October –  fall morning at Apple Works

November – movie datemurder mystery dinner, Thanksgiving in Cincy

December – Christmas in Germany, touring France (posts to come soon)

What were some of your favorite moments of 2017?

10 Random Facts About Me #3

I’ve noticed a few new faces around here, and since I always love learning random facts about other people, I figured I would share a few of about me today (#1 and #2).

  1. I love the comforting sound of the dishwasher going in the evening – it means the kitchen is clean & closed for the day.
  2. I always forget to clean off the dryer lint, despite my mom trying for YEARS to train me otherwise.
  3. I currently have at least 5 grey shirts in my closet and they all serve a different purpose.
  4. I rarely exactly follow a recipe when cooking and often substitute items when baking.
  5. My first car was a manual VW Beetle. I had never driven manual before and had to learn very quickly.
  6. Loren’s sister was my roommate my senior/her freshman year in college, and whenever we would all hang out together people used to think she was his girlfriend and I was his sister.
  7. I played the violin in high school, but haven’t really touched it since then.
  8. I love having pictures, but hate being in front of the camera (as the above photo can testify).
  9. I obsessively close all my apps on my phone when I’m done using them. Except iMessage and my baby schedule app.
  10. I can’t keep plants alive. I got 3 succulents for my birthday last year, and the last live one is barely hanging on.

What are some random facts about you?
Share in the comments below!

Summertime Thankfulness


This summer has been busy and slow all at the same time. And it’s been wonderful. I love my life where it is and where it’s going. But sometimes I still forget to be thankful for what I have.
This summer I am thankful for:

~ hot or iced coffee
~ an amazing husband who has finally started his dream job
~ family & friends I can text/call anytime for advice or to just catch up
~ waking up in a cool room and a comfortable bed
~ strawberry and raspberry popsicles
~ a fantastic week at the beach
~ my favorite fruits that are on sale all summer (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries)
~ a husband who not only puts up with, but joins in on my weird craziness
~ Friday night softball
~ our local library
~ when it’s almost light outside when I wake up at 5:30am
~ finally seeing results from working out consistently
~ driving with all the windows down
~ game nights full of friends and laughter

What are you thankful for this summer?

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July Goals

It’s July and we are past the halfway year mark. This year has just flown by!


June goals were kind of hit and miss:
~read 3 books – I read 2 1/2, so close!
~coordinate an Indy coffee crawl
~discover the perfect homemade iced coffee
~go on vacation to Charleston & Isle of Palms, SC
~celebrate my birthday
~ journal 6 days a week – 4 days/week was my average
~attend Loren’s softball games
~clean out our back closet – started, so this is a half-completed
~buy some succulents and not kill them – I killed 1 1/2 out of 4
~cross something off my bucket list – didn’t even come close

~ sort & donate items we don’t need to get ready for our move
~ start making meal plans before shopping (I used to be on top of this, but not lately)
~ write thank you notes
~ take pictures for some recipes I’ve been wanting to post
~ spend some time at the pool
~ take a hike in Brown County State
~ check out a new (to us) local coffee shop

What are your July goals?

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June Goals

June is my favorite month. It starts to really feel like summer (and summer officially begins). It’s my birthday. And especially this year, because we are going on vacation!
IMG_3503 First up, let’s see how May went:
~ watch Loren receive his grad diploma
~ celebrate Mother’s Day with Loren’s mom
~ throw a graduation party for Loren
~ participate in a family wedding in OH
~ attend a family wedding in GA
~ stay in our first Airbnb
~ take a kickboxing class
~ plan something special for our anniversary
~ plan & book summer vacation
~ coordinate an Indy coffee crawl
~ read 3 books
~ journal 6 days a week
~ try 6 new recipes
~ discover the perfect homemade iced coffee

And now for June:
~read 3 books
~coordinate an Indy coffee crawl
~discover the perfect homemade iced coffee
~go on vacation to Charleston & Isle of Palms, SC
~celebrate my birthday
~ journal 6 days a week
~attend Loren’s softball games
~clean out our back closet
~buy some succulents and not kill them
~cross something off my bucket list

What are your goals for June?

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May Goals

May is here! And lots of fun things planned for this month.

IMG_3284 (1)Plans/Goals:
~ watch Loren receive his grad diploma
~ celebrate Mother’s Day with Loren’s mom
~ throw a graduation party for Loren
~ participate in a family wedding in OH
~ attend a family wedding in GA
~ stay in our first Airbnb
~ take a kickboxing class
~ read 3 books
~ plan something special for our anniversary
~ journal 6 days a week
~ try 6 new recipes
~ discover the perfect homemade iced coffee
~ plan & book summer vacation
~ coordinate an Indy coffee crawl

What are your goals for May?

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A Day in My Life

Reading about other people’s lives is so intriguing to me. Maybe I’m just a creep, but I always like reading posts about how people live their daily life. So here is a look into a day in my life. I picked a little more interesting day for you so you wouldn’t be too bored. Just don’t tell me if you end up bored anyway.

5:30am Rise and shine!IMG_31665:37am Lemon water and Bible reading
IMG_31676:00am WorkoutIMG_3169

6:40am Shower, hair & makeup
IMG_31707:00am Start the coffee, make breakfast
IMG_31717:26am Eat breakfast, get dressed
IMG_31727:35am Start the crockpot for dinner (bbq chicken)
IMG_31737:50am Say goodbye to Loren
IMG_31748:15am Almost to work

8:45am Administrative Appreciation Day at work has begun
IMG_31789:30am Work, work, work

10:00am Water breakIMG_3180

12:00pm Administration Appreciation Day lunch at the Scottish Rite, courtesy of the firmIMG_3184

1:45pm Back at work and so many piles to take care ofIMG_3186

3:30pm Time for a coffee breakIMG_3190

5:10pm Drive back home in crazy downtown trafficIMG_3193

6:20pm Quick dinner with Loren and Titus before church fellowship IMG_3196

8:45pm Back from a church fellowship (we normally have small groups on Wednesday night)

9:10pm Kitchen cleanupIMG_3201

9:30pm I decided to make some rice crispy treats for no reason IMG_3202

10:10pm A little reading before bedIMG_3203

10:40pm Goodnight!IMG_3205

What’s a day in your life like?heidi sign

10 on Tuesday | Where I’d Rather Be

I’m linking up with Karli today with my first 10 on Tuesday post to share a few places I would rather be right now.

1| My bed. Loren likes to tease me about how much I love my bed. It’s just so fluffy and warm and comfy!
2| Charleston, SC. My favorite city on earth. So many good memories have been made here, the most important being our engagement. I’m actually headed there this weekend for a girls trip, and I can’t wait!
3| Seattle, WA. I’ve never been, but Loren has. The Pike Place Market and Space Needle look so intriguing, not to mention the beautiful surrounding landscapes, little shops and, of course, the first Starbucks (cliché, I know).
4| Heidelberg, Germany. Where my parents and younger siblings are. I really need to take Loren because he’s never been and I need to show him where I grew up. Any sponsors out there?
5| On a cruise to the Bahamas. Or anywhere, really. We went to the Bahamas on our honeymoon, and it was pretty amazing.
6| Iceland. Lauren and Kiki just prove how enticing and beautiful Iceland is.
7| Greece. I mostly want to sip coffee on a balcony overlooking the bluest waters.
8| San Antonio. Another place Loren has been and I haven’t. He loved it and has promised to take me there someday.
9| Prince Edward Island. I have wanted to go here since the first time I watched Anne of Green Gables when I was young.
10| Anywhere warm. We’ve had another cold front the past week, and I am so ready for warmer spring and summer weather!

Where would you rather be?heidi sign

Gut Churn: An Evening with Jad Abumrad

Last week I surprised Loren with tickets to see Jad Abumrad live in Bloomington as an early birthday present. We went to his show last night and he did not disappoint!
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jad, he is the creator and host of the podcast Radiolab. If you don’t know what Radiolab is, here is the description taken from their website: “Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience”. Just go listen to some of the podcasts and you will be enlightened.

We headed down to Bloomington a little early so we could grab some dinner before the show.  Bloomington Sandwich Co., true to its Yelp reviews, had the best Reuben I’ve ever eaten.


The show was sold out, and as we waited in line before the doors opened, Loren and I both noted the wide age range of the audience.
I asked Loren a few questions about the lecture and I think his answers capture Jad’s lecture very well:

What was Jad’s topic and how was your overall experience?
Jad discussed the “gut churn” of the creative process — that moment during creating when the creative feels like their stomach is about to turn inside out because of the pressure of the work and uncertainty that the work will be of high enough quality. Some other metaphors he used for these moments included “The Gap” (as described in this video) and “The German Forest.” It was an incredibly relatable and thought-provoking lecture.

What concept/idea stuck with you the most? 
The moments which seem the darkest and most unbearable (in the creative process and I believe in life) are very often the moments which offer incredible growth you would have never experienced otherwise. He referred to this as “adjacent possibility.” Knowing and experiencing this fact time after time should eventually take some of the pain out of it and help you look forward to what’s to come.

What was the most relatable thing he said?
Creative people are constantly swinging between “this is the best idea in the world!” and five minutes later realizing “this will never work.” Understanding that this exists and using those moments as learning moments to your advantage can propel you into more productive creativity.

Is there anything he spoke about that you will apply to your life?
Yes. All of it. Every single bit of it.

A favorite quote: 

“Sound is touch from a distance.”

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset



Thanks for a great lecture, Jad!

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Top 6 Bloggers I Follow

Blogging is a strange world. We post all about our lives for all the world to see, and for some reason it’s so fascinating to take a peek into other people’s lives. Maybe because we’re all (more or less) the same and we like that confirmation. So today, I wanted to share my top 6 favorite bloggers, in no particular order:

Camp Patton – Grace is just plain honest about life and shares it in a hilarious way. Her 5 kids all seem to have inherited the hilarity gene. She shares everything from kid’s quotes and med school wife life to style, recipes, crazy birth stories and shopping deal tips.

Tales of Me and the Husband – Bridget lives in the Boston area and has quite the fascinating love story (she married a widower with 4 young kids). She has impeccable style and also loves to share recipes and shopping deals. She and her family recently spent several months in Europe, so be sure to check out some of those posts!

The Vanilla Tulip – Ashley is a sweet Texas momma to 5 adorable blondes. She offers a real look into the every day life of homeschooling, as well as recipes, living small tips and general encouragement.

Rachel Schultz – Rachel’s blog is full of delicious, clever recipes, meal planning tips, book recommendations and DIY projects. She’s currently in the middle renovating their 1970s colonial house.

My Kind of Yellow – Kayla is a girl after my own heart. She posts about everyday stuff and I love it. She also has a beautiful up-and-coming photography business. If you’re in the Cincinnati area, you should definitely look her up!

Aspiring Kennedy – Lauren is an American expat who lives in London and travels all over Europe. Her blog is full of beautiful family life and travel pictures, as well as lots of travel tips.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

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*all photos courtesy of respective bloggers*