Celebrating Baby Girl [Elephant Baby Shower]

This weekend we headed to Cincinnati where Loren’s family threw us the sweetest baby shower. Since I’m doing an elephant-themed nursery, they went along with that theme for the shower as well. My two nieces even made sure to bring several of their own elephants from home to place around for decorations. Everything from the food to decorations to flowers to games to gifts was thought out and planned perfectly and we felt quite spoiled!

Can you see the veggie elephant?

Game: draw the baby elephant

So grateful for all these wonderful ladies and their love for the newest little Crisp lady! 🙂 Thank you so much to each and every one of you!!

One thought on “Celebrating Baby Girl [Elephant Baby Shower]”

  1. Thank you Heidi! We are all so grateful for you and happy for the joy we already have as we look forward to meeting another little Crisp girl!

    Mom Crisp

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