Cincinnati Coffee Crawl

Over the Christmas holidays, we joined Loren’s siblings for a fun coffee crawl around Cincinnati. Marcus compiled a fantastic list of coffee shops all over the city to visit and compare. Since we didn’t want to get too much of a coffee high, we generally all split a couple shots of espresso and a latte at each place to get a taste of the flavors and quality of the coffee.

* note: all these opinions are mine and may differ from other participants of this coffee tasting *

College Hill Coffee Co.

First stop. Not a favorite, but it had great seating and a quaint little country store that reminded me of Cracker Barrel. The coffee was pretty mellow and tasted like dirt and the latte was watery. So probably a 3/10.

Christmas Weekend-61


Sidewinder Coffee

I gave Sidewinder a 6/10. The espresso was rich and fresh. Heather got a lavender mocha latte, which I had never tried before and wasn’t a huge fan, but some of the others liked it.  Not a whole lot of seating, but cute little setup and tasty bakery items.

Christmas Weekend-66
Christmas Weekend-64

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Coffee Emporium 

This one was my favorite. Easily 10/10. The building itself was simply adorable, and the drinks were the best. The balance and flavor of the coffee was perfect – smooth, yet bold and slightly acidic and the lattes were foamed to perfection.

Christmas Weekend-70

Christmas Weekend-69


Lookout Joe

Lookout Joe wasn’t too shabby, either. Lots of different coffee blends and flavors to choose from, ranging from mellow to bold. The coffee I tried here was a little nutty and sweet. 7/10.

Christmas Weekend-72

Christmas Weekend-2

Christmas Weekend-1


Awakenings is a high-end coffee and wine shop, and therefore a little more expensive. I only tried an espresso from here, which was pretty bold and acidic, scoring at 7/10.

Christmas Weekend-76

Christmas Weekend-77

Christmas Weekend-3

A very fun experience that I would love to try around Indianapolis sometime. Anyone want to join? Or have suggestions of where to go?

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