Dreamy Birthday Tea Party

This was quite the weekend with two big parties! Therefore, I’m going to split them up into 2 posts.

On Friday, my sweet niece Abby turned 6 and Loren and I headed to Cincinnati Friday night to help out with her party on Saturday. Carrie planned the most enchanting dress-up tea party for Abby and a few of her friends and it was nothing short of amazing. We had fun setting everything up late into Friday night and all the giggles and smiles during the party were totally worth it.

When the girls arrived, we helped them make fancy fans then get all decked out in hats, jewelry and a little makeup for their fancy tea. They dined on mini sandwiches, dipped wafers, petit fours, strawberries, scones and eclairs while sipping tea and pink lemonade. After a break from eating to open gifts/notes and play several games, it was time for cake and ice cream!

I will let the plethora of pictures do the rest of the talking. 🙂

(photos all shot by Loren)

Happy Birthday, sweet Abby! We love you!

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