Emberly Brynn | Four Months

Weight: 13 pounds 5 ounces (28th percentile)
Birth: 7 lbs 5 oz
Height: 25.5 in (86th percentile)
Birth: 20 in
Head: 15.75 in (29th percentile)
Birth: 12.5 in
Tall & skinny – a true Crisp. πŸ˜‰

Little miss still eats every 2ish hours and nurses for 5-7 minutes. She decided to start refusing a bottle for a couple weeks, but seems to be OK with it again as long as the milk is warm.


Emberly caught two colds this month, and woke up to nurse every two hours during the night for the duration of the cold. When she doesn’t have a cold, she sleeps through the night (aka 6-7 hours straight after we put her down). She takes 4 1-2 hours naps a day. We also weaned her out of the swaddle and she now sleeps in a cozy sleep sack.

We’ve mastered tummy time! I started setting her up with the Boppy as support, and she really liked that, but we exclusively use the floor now. She likes to read Brown BearΒ and play with her rattle toys. She rolled over from tummy to back a couple times, which may have been accidental, but she still did it! Emberly also has been doing PT about once a week to treat her acquired torticollis (stiffness of neck/preference to one side) and has been doing great!


You have become SO much more interactive this month! You’ve started to giggle and it’s seriously so cute. You love to be around people, and smile and jump in my arms if anyone starts talking to you. While nursing you like to suddenly stop and stare at me, then give me this huge grin and then go back to eating and it melts my heart every time. Your cheeks are the most kissable thing ever and I kiss them at least 100 times a day. You are the best little girl!


You went pumpkin picking. This was actually also a first for mommy!
You went to your first petting zoo (at the pumpkin patch) but weren’t too amused. Next year!
You had your first PT session to help your torticollis. You weren’t a fan at first, but now you like it pretty fine.
You rolled over! A few times, and the rolls were pretty accidental, but it still happened.
You (we) had our first overnight without daddy and you kept me company pretty well.
You had your first puppy play date and it was seriously the cutest thing. Now if you can just convince your daddy we need a puppy…

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