Five on Friday // 10-27-17

ONE // One year ago today we found out we were pregnant. Best news ever!!! Also one of the hardest and easiest secrets to keep. haha

TWO // Zuppa Toscana. I finally found a recipe that actually tastes very similar to Olive Garden’s classic soup. I made it last week and when Loren asks for thirds, you know it’s good. It will definitely be made on repeat this fall/winter.  Now just to figure out the breadsticks!

THREE // Sam’s Club Scan & Go. This app saves me so much time at Sam’s. You just scan the items as you shop, then when done, checkout on the app and a barcode pops up that you show as you walk out the door (instead of a paper receipt). No more waiting in lines and unloading/reloading the groceries in the checkout line!

FOUR // Visiting daddy at work. This is from last week, but once in a while we like to brighten daddy’s day at work and stop by to say hi.

FIVE // Colds are not cool. For adults or babies. And Emberly has her third one in the past 9 weeks. But this NoseFrida, as gross as it looks to use, is a lifesaver for babies with colds.

Well, the baby is up from her nap, so that’s all for now. Happy Friday!

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2 thoughts on “Five on Friday // 10-27-17”

  1. I wish more stores had a scan and go app like Sam’s Club. While I definitely prefer shopping in-store to shopping online, my kids’ patience is usually done for by the time we reach the checkout counter. Something like this in all stores would help out a lot.

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