Five on Friday // 11-3-17

ONE // Our first mommy & me item. I’m honestly not a huge fan of matching, but Emberly and I both needed winter hats and I found these cute ones, so why not?

TWO // Owl City’s new song. I’ve always been a huge Owl City fan, and he just announced a new album next year! Fireflies will always be my favorite, though.

THREE // Puppies and babies. I mean, how cute is this!!??? My friend brought her puppy over the other day and I really think Emberly needs one now. 😉 #puppyfever

FOUR // Dirty John. Pretty much everyone is obsessed with this true-crime podcast right now, and for good reason.

FIVE // This ridiculously easy and delicious 2 ingredient pumpkin bread. When I made it this week I was a little worried it would be dry, but it was just moist enough. Do yourself a favor and make it to enjoy with a good cup of coffee!

Have a fun weekend!

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