Wedding: Ceremony

It’s Wedding Wednesday! We had the most lovely outdoor wedding ceremony & reception. I will let the pictures do most of the talking, but we were SO thankful that the Lord provided us with the most perfect weather we could ever have asked for. Because trust me, we did ask. Thanks to Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Scott for graciously letting us use their back pasture for our wedding, and for all the hours of planning, building, decorating, deal finding and everything else. This would not have happened without their help as well as the treasured help of all of our friends & family that so willingly pitched in. We could not have felt more loved!

Location: Uncle Scott & Aunt Cheryl’s Pasture, Greer, SC
Date: May 12, 2014, 7 p.m.


My sister Crystal did ALL the flowers for the wedding. She’s quite amazing!

These ushers did an outstanding job.

Loren and his beautiful mom.

William and my beautiful mama.

And my favorite little people. They stole the show. 🙂

He took his job of carrying the rings down the aisle VERY seriously.

This face though. 🙂

It was so special to have my dad do the vows & exchange of rings.

Signing the marriage license.

Praying together for the first time as a married couple.

And finally the KISS.

And that was our lovely ceremony! I hope you didn’t get too overwhelmed by the amount of pictures and that you stop by next week for the next series!

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All photos courtesy of Cleland Studios

Busier than Weekdays

With all the Christmas & birthday traveling lately, the past few weekends have been busier than usual. This weekend was no different. It’s a good thing Loren and I love to travel together!
Actually the whole past week was busy in the best way. Wednesday after I got off work, we drove an hour towards Cincinnati to meet up with some friends from Cincy for dinner. We had a blast catching up with Caleb and Chelsea swapping engagement stories, stuffing ourselves at Chili’s and sipping posh drinks at Starbucks. Can’t wait to celebrate their wedding with them in May!
Thursday afternoon, Joanna and Jeffrey graced our tiny abode with their presence. Nothing better than sitting at dinner for forever because SIBLINGS.

We do our best to make life awkward.
Friday I left work a bit early so we could head over to Columbus, OH to finally meet sweet baby niece Alyssa! And, of course, get plenty of playing time in with Timothy.

She was only unhappy because we stole her from dinner time.

He’s going to make a great daddy someday. 🙂
We came back form Columbus late Saturday night so we could have a full day at home before Loren started classes again. After a refreshing message & fellowship at church, we had a relaxing dinner and afternoon gearing up for this next semester.

If You Love to Shop…

…then stop on by the little Etsy shop, Urban Poor, that Loren and I opened. Now this isn’t just any shop, but one that currently specializes in wire or twine wrapped  bead necklaces. We have listed several samples, but if you prefer a different color or amount of beads, send us your custom order!
Who knows what else will soon appear. Possibly arm knits scarves, hiring Loren as a caricature artist (check this one out) and whatever else tickles our fancy. Feel free to send us any and all ideas!
We look forward to your purchases to achieve our millionaire status within a week.

Wedding: Bridal Party

The best bunch of people to have around on your wedding day is your bridal party. I mean, that’s why you asked them, right? Naturally, we had the best of the bunch. Each one of these special people are so much more than sisters, brothers and friends and we were honored that they agreed to celebrate this special day with us.

The Girls:


My beautiful girls. They all looked gorgeous!!

Yellow shoes are the best.

Carolina: youngest sister

Crystal: sister and matron of honor

Joanna: sister-in-law

Joy: pretend sister

Anna: sister

Dennae: cousin and maid of honor

The Guys:


Don’t they look dapper!

William: my brother

Michael: good buddy

Crawford: other good buddy

Ricky: yet another good buddy

Dad: best man

Jonathan: brother

Got caught taking a selfie!

And then another selfie with the professional camera.
This day would not have been the same without these amazing people. I would love to go back and do it all again!
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All photos courtesy of Cleland Studios

2015 Resolutions

I’ve never really been inclined to make New Year’s Resolutions because I like to be flexible, but mainly, let’s just face it: I’m forgetful and lazy. But this year I am determined to make just a few resolutions and stick to them. I’ve heard from various sources that the secret (if there is one) to keeping resolutions is to not make an overwhelmingly large amount of them. You can only truly handle so many!


Designed by Loren C
  1. Get out of my comfort zone. Being the introvert that I am, I don’t especially fancy going out of my way to make conversation with people I don’t really know. However, this is rather selfish and I need to actively reach out to those around me. I’ve actually started working on this at work, and it’s not so bad! 😉
  2. Work out. ClichĂ©, but necessary and especially hard in the winter when I would rather curl up under a blanket with coffee and watch Gilmore Girls. I do have a ten minute walk from my parking lot to work, but 20 minutes of walking a day doesn’t really cut it. I do have some equipment (when you have bookshelves, and big heavy textbooks, why use weights?) and our apartment complex has a nice workout room, so no excuses.
  3. Try a new recipe every week. Kind of an easier one for me since I love to cook & bake, but I tend to fall back on the same recipes every week. Or just make something up. Thankfully, Loren is pretty easy to please in this department, so I don’t think he will mind if he gets new dishes thrown at him once in a while. And what else is Pinterest for?
  4. Expand my blogger audience. I’m still new to this blogger world, so part of this task is researching and connecting to other bloggers.
  5. Take more pictures. I missed several precious moments towards the end of last year, and I don’t want that to happen again.

A Trip to Texas

As promised, here is finally my post on our recent trip to Texas. This story actually goes back to a couple months ago. My car was having several major issues. We took it in to get evaluated, and it was going to be an exorbitant amount to fix, so we started looking for a cheaper, reliable shop to possibly have the car repaired at. (Side note, if you’d like to buy a fabulous little gray Volkswagen Beetle, I could probably make that dream come true for you.)

Fast forward a couple days. Loren called me on his way home from school saying that his car was making horrible noises and he hoped he would make it home. We knew it needed an oil change, so I went ahead and scheduled that appointment for him first thing the next morning, knowing that we would also get a diagnostic on what else was wrong. Turns out, he needed some immediate work done so that the car was even driveable. He went ahead and had the necessary fix done and we were set back a little further with the repairs my car needed (his car still needed other repairs). Since we both require cars to drive our separate ways to work/school, we prayed and discussed several possible solutions that would be the wisest. In the end we decided to sell my car and find a good, cheap car in the area. We didn’t really know what to look for and who to trust, but we slowly started into that process anyway.

Then, a few weeks ago, my sister in Mexico messaged and asked if any of us sisters stateside needed a car, as they had to buy a new one in Mexico and wanted to give away their current one. All we had to do was buy one-way flights to Texas to pick up the car, and it was ours! Talk about perfect timing! So long story short, Heather found some amazingly cheap one-way flights to TX and the next week, we found ourselves on a plane. And since we were picking up the car from Heather & Jason, naturally we got to see them and the niece and nephew. 🙂

I was super excited for several reasons, but especially because I love flying and this was the first time I got to fly with Loren AND we were getting to see family AND we were going to take a very long road trip.

Unfortunately, Heather & the kids were sick, and I didn’t get very many pictures of our time with them (I really need to work on this. New Year’s Resolution?), but we still had a fantastic time seeing them.

We flew down the Monday before Christmas and wanted to be back in Indy for Christmas. This meant a 23 hour road trip to get back by Christmas Eve morning. But armed with snacks, audio books, music, water, a German book for Loren to read and me to translate, and fun car games, we were up for the trip. And we made it in exactly 23 hours. The trip was actually not as hard as I thought it would be. Between the clear traffic, driver switching every 1-3 hours and activities we brought (or made up), the time flew by pretty quickly.

One way we stayed motivated was taking a selfie and a picture of the road [almost] every hour. To your relief, we didn’t get a picture every hour, as we didn’t start till about 2 hours in and kind of tapered off when it got dark. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let these pictures do the talking.


Finally home!!!
And that pretty sums it all up! There is so much more I could write about this, but we are SO grateful for the Lord’s provision, timing and safety, as well as the generosity of family!

**I do apologize for the lower quality of pictures, courtesy of my iPad.**

Looking Back: 2014

2014, thank you for being a fantastic year. So many life changes and blessings were showered on us this year and here are a very few highlights for your enjoyment.

  • snow in SC for days
  • Skyzone with friends

  • Valentine’s Day discovering new places & new food

  • finished paralegal school & got my certificate

  • checked off getting wedding supplies (hay bale seating for our outdoor wedding)

  • Loren graduated from college
  • married my best friend
  • honeymoon in Charleston & Bahamas

  • first married birthday
  • roadtrip to Greg & Becca’s wedding in OH

  • weekend in Charleston with Will & Sharon
  • roadtrip to IN to check out apartments

  • moved to IN with the help of mom, dad & Joanna
  • Loren started grad school

  • started full-time job downtown
  • roadtrip to VA for Jon & Rebekah’s wedding

  • Carrie & Heather came for a visit
  • Nephew Jackson was born


  • Dennae visited
  • TX trip to pick up a car (I promise, I will post about this trip soon!!)
  • Christmas with family in three different states
And that pretty much sums up 2014. 2015, looking forward to all the fun times and growing experiences you have in store for us. Happy New Year!

Our First Christmas

This past week has been quite a blur. With a 48ish hour trip to Texas at the beginning of the week (more on this another day), it was nice to have a relaxing Christmas here in Indy with my sister and her family.
Christmas Eve we went to their Candlelight Service and it brought back memories of Christmas Eve services back at home in Germany.

Cheese Fondue: a Christmas Eve Tradition I hope we will carry on for a long time!
Christmas morning we woke up (not too bright and early) to have our own little first Christmas morning celebration together before heading back over to Dawn’s for the day. With Loren’s help, I had prepped this amazing Baked French Toast Casserole the night before and I popped it in the oven at some point before we read the Christmas story and exchanged the gifts we had for each other. I’m looking forward to many more Christmas mornings with my man! 🙂
At some point, we headed over to Dawn’s for the afternoon and got to videochat with my family in Germany for a bit before diving into the delicious dinner Dawn made.

Currently the best snuggler. 🙂

This little guy never stops moving!

My sister should be an interior decorator. I mean seriously, just look at that fireplace!
Other than the pictures above, we were so distracted playing with the nephews and having a relaxing time that, regrettably, we didn’t really take any more pictures.
The day after Christmas, we headed over to Cincinnati to celebrate Christmas with Loren’s side of the family.  Once again, we failed miserably in the picture-taking department, but nonetheless had a grand low-key weekend visiting with family opening presents, playing doctor with the nieces & nephew, catching up, taking a Tour of Lights, playing games, watching movies, and trying P.F. Chang’s for the first time. It was kind of hard to head back home after such a great week, but it’s always nice to come back to our cozy little home after being away.

Maybe this adorable picture of Abby will make up for the lack of other pictures. 😉
It’s so fun to have both sides of the family just a short road trip away! The Lord has truly blessed us and we had a wonderful first married Christmas.