Checking Things Off

First off, I would like to say Happy 35th Anniversary to my wonderful parents! They have one of the godliest example of marriage that I know and I am so grateful that I am on one of theirs!
My girl Dennae came up to Indy for the weekend. It was delightful to see my best friend/cousin/partner in crime/twin and catch up, play games, watch movies, make & eat food (our favorite) and just bask in each other’s company.
“We are cousins because our mothers could not handle us as sisters.” – Dennae
And she helped me cross a few things off my December goals list–one of which was making burlap stockings. I don’t have a sewing machine and the only needles and thread I had were from an emergency sewing kit, but we made those stockings all right! But I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post.
All in all, this weekend was very relaxing and refreshing, just what we need before these next couple of crazy weeks. Trips to Cincy and Texas coming up with Christmas festivities with family galore!

Wedding: First Look

Since we’ve been married for 7 months now, I guess it’s time to post some wedding pictures. So be prepared for some picture-overloaded posts over the next few weeks!

Date: May 12, 2014
Location: Greer City Park, Greer, SC

All photo credits Cleland Studios.

The most beautiful, perfect day!
The walk down to meet him and him turning around at this moment may have been the only time I actually had butterflies in my stomach that day.
We exchanged wedding gifts; he gave me a beautiful pearl drop and diamond necklace, and I gave him a fine leather watch.

One of my favorites. 🙂

Another of my favorites. 🙂
Check back in soon for the next series of pictures of the bridal party!
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All photos courtesy of Cleland Studios

Fifteen Fun Facts

Everyone has random facts about them that only close friends or family know about, so I thought I would share a few of mine with you!

    1. It can take me 2 hrs to drink a cup of coffee, or any hot drink, for that matter.
    2. I despise clutter–don’t need it? Throw it away!
    3. I don’t like small paperclips.
    4. I’m OCD about my kitchen cupboards & counters and mostly everything except my dresser drawers.
    5. Touching velvet makes my hair stand on end.
    6. I am practically blind without my contacts.
    7. Sometimes I mispronounce words that everyone knows how to pronounce (I blame this on growing up in a different country).
    8. I will almost always pick chicken. I love chicken!
    9. I drive a manual car.
    10. Shopping is one of my least favorite things to do (except grocery shopping at ALDI).
    11. I always have music on.
    12. When I sing songs, I throw in my own lyrics because I can’t remember the real words.
    13. Quite often I say “right” when I mean “left” and vice versa. I do know which direction is which.
    14. I tend to write in narrative form.
    15. I add things I’ve already done to my checklists just so I can cross them off.

What are some fun facts about you?

Happiest Season of All

Well, we got our tree! The cutest little 4 ft tree you ever did see. As we were putting the tree in the back of Loren’s RAV4, some friendly man called to us, “Hey, the tree is supposed to get tied to the top of the car, isn’t it? Tradition!” True, but the tree would have been lost up there and we didn’t have rope. We did consider taking the tree into Starbucks with us for fun, but chickened out in the end. We want to continue patronizing that Starbucks.
We cranked up some Christmas music and decorated it simply with white lights, a burlap garland, candy canes and a paper star that Loren made.
We did put a few other decorations out, but maybe I will save those for another post on another day. I love Christmas!

December Goals

I know I’ve already posted a couple times in December, but it’s not too late to talk about some goals for this month. Since it is December, a lot of these goals will obviously be geared towards Christmas, but I have some other plans in mind as well.
  1. Get a Christmas tree and finally decorate for Christmas (hopefully tonight!!).
  2. Learn how to really cut a paper snowflake.
  3. Make burlap stockings (so much burlap left from our wedding!).
  4. Make some Christmas goodies I’ve never attempted before.
  5. Drink hot chocolate & play games by the light of the Christmas tree.
  6. Find some Christmas traditions to start as a new family.
  7. Make some more arm knit scarves for friends and family.
  8. Organize our important document drawer.
  9. Meet up with as many family members as possible over the Christmas days.
  10. Give more than receive.

Broski Birthday

Today is this guy’s birthday.
Back in the day, he was my little brother, pioneer & Indian dress up buddy, fort builder, partner in crime (ashamedly, I did on occasion let him get in trouble when I should have), and everything else that only a brother is. We didn’t always get along very well, but growing up and maturing has helped in that area quite a bit. 😉
Today, he is still my little brother, even if he is taller than me, and we still have fun whenever we rarely see each other, as he is way far away across the ocean pursuing his dream to be a rescue mission helicopter pilot in Germany.

I’m so thankful you were born 21 years ago, William! I pray that you will keep working hard and honor the Lord as you seek Him throughout your life. Love you!

We Gave Thanks

Thursday morning after making apple crisp together (my inauguration into the “Crisp” family), Loren and I hopped in the car and headed to Cincinnati to spend some fun family-filled days with Loren’s family. The amazing Thanksgiving dinner was celebrated with all of Loren’s siblings, nieces & nephew, aunt & uncle and some cousins. We didn’t actually get pictures of the food, because we were having such a blast stuffing our faces, catching up and playing games. But we did get some of some of the other action going on.
Can’t get enough of these kids!
Friday afternoon after recovering from late night/early morning Black Friday shopping, we headed out to Big Tree Plantation to hunt down the perfect Christmas tree for the Crisp family room. I had never been to a tree farm to chop down a Christmas tree before, and it was quite the fun experience, definitely worth doing again.
And we found it!
I love this man and am so thankful I get to spend these first married holidays with him!
Friday evening, we celebrated Mom & Dad Crisp’s 40th wedding anniversary with a special dinner, mainly prepared by Chefs Jonathan and Rachel (5 year old niece). It was delicious! Mom & Dad have done so much for us and there is no way we could thank them sufficiently, but it was fun spoiling them for the evening. Plus, we learned some new information about their sweet love story!
Saturday we headed downtown Cincy for some ice skating (perfect ice skating weather!!), Graeter’s ice cream and coffee with the siblings.
Loren and I were going to head home Saturday night, but we were having such a blast that we didn’t want to leave, so we ended up staying another night. We spent the evening celebrating Jeffrey’s upcoming birthday, making cranberry and popcorn garlands for the tree, watching Elf and playing games. Sunday we went to church with the family then reluctantly headed home so Loren could get some homework done. All in all, the long weekend was a much needed refreshing break/vacation. We are so thankful for the wonderful family (on both sides!!) the Lord has given us and surely do not take them for granted.

Surprise Sister Visits

Sometimes you just need to pack up and take a surprise visit to see your sister you miss like crazy for a weekend. So, late Friday afternoon, that’s what Loren and I spontaneously decided to do. I got home from work around 6 pm, we left around 7, and got to Crystal & Joel’s around 10:30 pm. I had texted Joel earlier about coming, but Crystal didn’t have a clue. She was putting Timothy (22 month old nephew) to bed when we rang the doorbell, so Joel answered the door, let us inside then went and told Crystal that two homeless people from Indiana were at the door and looking for somewhere to spend the night. Needless to say, she was rather surprised when she saw us! We spent the weekend touring their new house, catching up, playing with Timothy, cooking together, visiting their new church, eating and just relaxing. It was a much needed visit and I wish it could happen more often!