39 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 39 weeks

Size of baby: Small pumpkin, mini skateboard or American shorthair cat. 19-21 inches long (head to toe) and 7-8 lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: Nothing new! I’m just ready to start wearing my regular summer shirts again.

Sleep: Still good – I sneak in naps whenever I can.

Dream of the week: I guess I decided to take a break after last week’s crazy episode.

Cravings: Watermelon, fresh stuff like salad.

Baby movement: She’s running out of room and her movements are less jabs and kicks and more of shifting and rippling.

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: I feel like my bump is stretched to the max and I’m ready to pop. But other than that and struggling off the couch and Braxton-Hicks contractions every once in a while, I’ve felt pretty good.

Best moment this week: Meeting my little niece Pepper! And seeing my sister for a little bit.

Maybe *this* will actually be the last bumpdate!?

38 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 38 weeks

Size of baby: Spaghetti squash, winter melon, ukulele or Pomeranian. 19-20 inches long (head to toe) and 6-7 lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: Still all the comfortable things like summer dresses and stretchy waistband shorts!

Sleep: I’ve been waking up a few more times during the night than in the past, but can fall back asleep pretty quickly.

Dream of the week: I was going to a Pure Barre class with Loren who had gone for the first time the previous week. We got to the class location, which was in a nice cabin in the woods. Since you wear sticky socks and no shoes for pure barre, we made sure to take off our shoes and then went inside.  It was my first time so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did know that you had to wear leggings or capris to keep your muscles warm and therefore couldn’t wear shorts, but I was wearing long cargo shorts (yes, with all the pockets!). Loren, who also knew what the appropriate attire was, led me past several bedrooms to the well-stocked “workout clothing room” where he proceeded to select a workout bra and workout tank to wear to class because THAT’S WHAT YOU WEAR TO PURE BARRE. We then picked up the rest of our needed equipment (a ball and some weights) and headed to the actual classroom. And then I woke up. Loren would like me to add a disclaimer here that this was all a dream, and he would definitely never wear this outfit in real life.

Cravings: Again, not really anything, but I’m always a sucker for anything sweet. And cold.

Baby movement: She’s settled down, but every once in a while makes sure I know she’s there!

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: I’ve had a few contractions, but none have been too painful or regular.

Best moment this week: Ordering the last few things for baby like this Solly Baby Wrap and carseat/nursing cover (thanks to major coupon discounts!!).

Will this be the last bumpdate!?

37 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 37 weeks

Size of baby: Honeydew melon, romaine lettuce, tackle box or striped skunk (hopefully not as smelly). 19-20 inches long (head to toe) and 6-7 lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: All about comfort over here – my style for the next couple weeks until she comes!

Sleep: Still pretty good as long as I am surrounded by all my pillows.

Dream of the week: There was one this week where I was trying to save several kids from a witch – but I only had 3 car seats in my car and wasn’t sure about how to legally take the 4th kid. I woke up before my dilemma was solved.

Cravings: Nothing. But fresh, cold fruit is always good!

Baby movement: She’s dropped, so there’s a little more pressure on my lower abdomen, but she still likes to kick around on my right side.

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: I’ve been avoiding emptying the dishwasher and generally anything else that requires bending over. Also, standing up after sitting for a little while isn’t the most fun thanks to pressure on my pelvis. But taking walks almost every day has helped!

Best moment this week: Celebrating my last birthday before we add a baby to future celebrations.

36 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 36 weeks

Size of baby: Papaya, cabbage patch doll or chihuahua. 19ish inches long (head to toe) and 6ish lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: Comfy summer dresses and shorts – anything with a comfortable waistband.

Sleep: Still good overall, even though I wake up 1-3 times during the night for bathroom runs.

Dream of the week: Nothing to report here – pretty boring this week in the dream department.

Cravings: Still icy/cold things.

Baby movement: I’m watching her move right now!

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: Turning over in bed/getting out of bed. Maybe I’ll just stay there and sleep until she comes.

Best moment[s] this week: Joanna and Jeffrey’s visit this past weekend, getting the nursery mostly ready and another good dr. visit (she’s getting ready to make her debut!).

35 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 35 weeks

Size of baby: Bunch of carrots, pineapple, ukulele or mini-lop rabbit. 18-19 inches long (head to toe) and 5-6 lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: All things comfortable, but nothing new.

Sleep: Still good! Maybe this means baby will also be a good sleeper on the outside.

Dream of the week: Friends from college, people bursting into rooms to wake us up, and donut runs all conspired together to make some strange dreams this week.

Baby movement: It’s definitely slowed down, but she still likes to give swift little kicks once in a while and responds to daddy’s voice.

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: Bending over to put shoes on or empty the dishwasher are no longer a mindless and effortless task.

Best moment this week: Our Memorial Day picnic with Loren’s parents and the first pool days!

34 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 34 weeks

Size of baby: Butternut squash, baguette, basketball hoop or quokka. 18-19 inches long (head to toe) and 4.5-5 lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: This maxi dress and shorts with stretchy waistbands. I feel like I’m starting to explode.

Sleep: Still pretty decent! I’m snatching all the extra minutes in the mornings these last few weeks.

Dream of the week: I was babysitting about 20 kids by myself in a 4-story house while all the parents attended a banquet. The kids were running wild all over the house and I was having a hard time corralling them. I finally managed to get them all outside in a grassy field where we were going to play a game. I needed everyone to divide up into 2 circular groups, but Loren (who was my brother and the main mischief instigator) and the other older kids were doing their own thing. I tried yelling at them, but you know how in your dreams you can’t talk or run sometimes? No one could hear me and it was very frustrating. I somehow managed to get the kids to form circles, but into 4 groups instead of 2. And then I woke up.

Cravings: Nothing really this week.

Baby movement: Her head is down and her little feet like to kick around on my right side.

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: Rolling out of bed is getting slightly more difficult. Not completely a challenge yet, though!

Best moment this week: My long-time friend Joy coming to spend the week with us. We got mani/pedis, massages, went shopping, ate ice cream and got all caught up on life. We were quite spoiled to have her here!

33 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 33 weeks

Size of baby: Cauliflower, celery, junior tennis racquet or ferret. 17-19 inches long (head to toe) and 4 lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: Nothing new! I’m on the hunt for a comfortable summer maxi dress that is both maternity and nursing friendly. Any suggestions?

Sleep: Still good.

Dream of the week: My SIL and her husband (Emily and Steve) gave me a Fitbit for my birthday. I was a little confused because 1.) I didn’t necessarily want a Fitbit and 2.) It was fuchsia (in my dream EVERYONE knew I didn’t like red). But I decided it wasn’t so bad and kept it. And then I woke up.

Cravings: Icy things: iced coffee, fruit slushes/smoothies, etc.

Baby movement: She’s settling down as her space gets smaller, but still likes to let me know she’s there.

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: Randomly dropping things for absolutely no reason. I was already clumsy before I got pregnant, but now it’s just getting worse.

Best moment this week: Our anniversary/babymoon getaway this past weekend. Full post on this to come soon!

32 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 32 weeks

Size of baby: Squash, Florida Pomela or naked-tailed armadillo. 18 inches long (head to toe) and 3.75 lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: This dress from Target. I don’t know why I’m always amazed at the difference actual maternity clothes make.

Sleep: Still good. I have mastered the perfect little pillow and blanket nest.

Dream of the week: I dreamed that all the rain we had last week turned to snow. When I woke up, I wasn’t sure if it was real or not, so I quickly opened the window to make sure it wasn’t real. It was just still raining.

Cravings: Give me all the fresh watermelon! But it has to be firm and juicy, and not at all squishy.

Baby movement: She for sure isn’t shy about making her presence known!

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: Nothing to report here!

Best moment this week: Finishing another nursery project – painting the diaper cart (pics to come).

31 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 31 weeks

Size of baby: Romaine lettuce, loaf of bread, foam finger or small-clawed otter. 17.5 inches long (head to toe) and 3.2 lbs. (according to dr).

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: Nothing new this week.

Sleep: Still good overall!

Dream of the week: There was another one that involved my brother and sister (why are they all about my family?!), but I can’t recall any specifics.

Cravings: Fresh watermelon. Nothing like eating it fresh and cold!

Baby movement: She’s been rolling around a lot and giving us plenty of opportunities to feel her little head and bum.

Gender: Little Lady

Challenges this week: Nothing this week! Even though I do often breathe heavily and Loren always asks if I’m ok. Must be louder than I think.

Best moment this week: Getting to see our little girl again via ultrasound. She has the cutest smile and little squashed nose!

30 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 30 weeks

Size of baby: Cantaloupe, loaf of bread or platypus. 17 inches long (head to toe) and almost 3.5 lbs.

Wearing/Maternity Clothes: Nothing new, but I’m ready to pull out all the summer dresses!

Sleep: Still pretty good overall – maybe this will last the whole pregnancy!

Dream of the week: While visiting my parents in Germany, I looked out their bedroom window one morning at the lot in front of their house and noticed they had cleared away the bushes and climbing tree I had grown up with and were converting the lot into a small car dealership. As I watched, all the cars arrived and formed a circle around the lot. Since this was a family-focused dealership, all the car types were being modeled by different families with children: trucks with biological, sedans with adopted, minivans with multiples, SUVs with one child, etc. All the families were sitting quite proudly on top of their assigned vehicle. My dad was convinced that surrogates should also get their own car to model, but my mom would have none of it. And then I woke up. I’m so glad dreams are dreams and not reality.

Cravings: Nothing. I actually haven’t been that hungry this week.

Baby movement: Still lots! She currently likes to camp out on my right side.

Gender: Little Lady.

Challenges this week: Leg cramps have not been especially fun this week.

Best moment this week: Buying a car! I have a hunch this is the reason for my crazy dream this week.