Sweet Summer Weekend

This weekend was another full and wonderful one. It started off with a Friday night date night to get donuts in celebration of National Donut Day, but the donuts were all sold out! So we settled for a Chick-fil-A peach milkshake. Still a win in my book! Later that night, Loren’s sister & her husband came to stay with us for a couple nights.

Saturday morning we took our time over breakfast, then decided to all go work out together for a while. Then it was time for me to head to a baby shower some friends from church were throwing for baby girl! Everything was perfect and I was very blessed by everyone that came. Their generosity was overwhelming and I can’t wait for baby girl to meet everyone! (Pictures from shower courtesy of Ally and Vashti.)

Meanwhile, Loren took Joanna and Jeffrey to a local coffeeshop, but apparently all the local ones close rather early on Saturdays in the summer, so they went across the street for some root beer floats instead.

 After the shower, Loren & co picked me up and we eventually headed downtown to do a little evening photoshoot for Joanna & Jeffrey. They are seriously the perfect models!

Sunday after church & lunch, we sadly had to say goodbye to Joanna & Jeffrey. It’s always so good to see them and we can’t wait till next time!

Little Ballerinas and Game Cafe

What a whirlwind of a wonderful weekend!

Friday as soon as I wrapped up work, we jumped in the car and drove through some crazy rain to Cincinnati and made it just in time for the nieces’ first dance recital. Their part was pretty short, but they were adorable and perfect and it was just the cutest recital ever. 🙂

Loren’s parents let us sleep at their house even though they were out of town, and Saturday morning we woke up to the thunder, lightning and torrential rain still going strong. When the rain finally mostly let up, we looked outside and the backyard was partially flooded, as well as part of the outside basement stairwell. We threw on some raincoats and bailed out most of the water from the stairwell (don’t worry, Loren did most of the lifting & bucket carrying). It was actually pretty fun to be out in the rain!
Eventually we headed out and I dropped Loren off for a day of wedding shooting, then went over to Emily’s for lunch and to look at some baby clothes she was letting me borrow. Nothing like getting some extra nephew & niece time in, too!
Later that afternoon, Emily and I headed downtown for a little birthday party for a friend. We made candles at The Candle Lab and had a delicious dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant (Abigail Street).

Sunday morning we headed back to Indy for church (Loren currently teaches the teen Sunday school class), then had Caleb & Chelsea over for our monthly get-together. After a late lunch, we decided to try out the new Kingmakers Board Game Parlour. Basically, you pay a small fee to use any of the wide variety of board and card games, order drinks or snacks, then play away! We had the whole place to ourselves and played several games none of us had played before. We will definitely be going back!

I hope you had a wonderful last April weekend!

Celebrating Baby Girl [Elephant Baby Shower]

This weekend we headed to Cincinnati where Loren’s family threw us the sweetest baby shower. Since I’m doing an elephant-themed nursery, they went along with that theme for the shower as well. My two nieces even made sure to bring several of their own elephants from home to place around for decorations. Everything from the food to decorations to flowers to games to gifts was thought out and planned perfectly and we felt quite spoiled!

Can you see the veggie elephant?

Game: draw the baby elephant

So grateful for all these wonderful ladies and their love for the newest little Crisp lady! 🙂 Thank you so much to each and every one of you!!

Birthday Cake Galore

What a week this has been! I’m still trying to get caught up on life (and sleep), but this past week was totally worth it.

First off, my parents & younger sister (from Germany) and older sister & her family (from Denver) spent the night last Tuesday with us on their road trip from Denver to SC. They got in pretty late, but we had dinner then celebrated my dad’s upcoming birthday with ice cream cake. Wednesday, we all (minus Loren) headed to the Ark Encounter in KY to meet up with my brother & his family (from Germany) and explore the Ark. Wednesday night, my brother & his family stayed with us and then they headed back home Thursday morning.
All that was probably a little confusing, but it was SO wonderful to see my parents & siblings, even for just a short time. I never realize how much I miss them all until we’re together. And those nephews and nieces grow up way too fast!

We decided to make Thursday night date night, and stayed in with pizza and a movie.

Saturday, Loren’s family from Cincinnati came for the afternoon/evening to celebrate his birthday. Another wonderful day with family all crowded in our apartment – sorry for any disturbance, neighbors! 😉

Sunday after church and lunch with Carrie (who spent the night), Loren went bowling with a few guy friends, then the guys came over for a little more birthday celebrating. Aka snacks, rootbeer & orange soda floats and games. (Sorry, no pics from this.)

Monday was Loren’s actual birthday and we weren’t done celebrating yet. You only turn 25 once! 😉 After a long day of work, we had a quiet and delicious dinner at Livery to close out the birthday celebrations. Even though we could never celebrate this amazing man enough. 🙂

Thanks to all the family and friends who made this week/weekend so special!

Btw, if anyone wants to come save us from all the leftover ice cream birthday cakes, we won’t stop you.

Food Bump Weekend

This weekend in Cincinnati makes up for the lack of excitement and pictures of last weekend.

Friday  afternoon we headed to Cincinnati for a maternity shoot with the super talented Sarah (can’t wait to see the pics!!), and after the official shoot, Loren and I headed around to find this mural to take a couple more pics. We then headed to Coffee Emporium so I could finish up work for the week. After grabbing a quick dinner, we met up with Loren’s parents at his grandma’s for the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning, Heather and Marcus joined us for a delicious pancake and bacon brunch at Mom and Dad’s. Loren did a little photoshoot for Mom and Dad, then we spent the rest of the afternoon just chatting.

Later on, we met up with Caleb and Chelsea for our monthly get-together. We changed it up this time and met up downtown Cincinnati for some window shopping, doughnuts from Holtmans, a most amazing dinner at The Eagle, and coffee at Coffee Emporium. Always a good time together! After all the good food and conversation, Loren and I headed back home to Indy.

Sunday after church, we laid pretty low for most of the day, but did venture out to take dinner to some friends who had just moved.

A great weekend filled with lots of great conversation!

Happy first day of spring!

Weekend in the Sunny “C” Cities

Friday night wasn’t too exciting – Loren had been feeling like he was coming down with something all week, and he did come down with a fever Friday afternoon. I sent him straight to bed and then picked up dinner (chicken noodle soup). We had dinner after he napped for a while, then went to bed pretty early because 1) Loren was sick and 2) if he was feeling any better, we were heading to Columbus, OH very early the next morning.

Early Saturday morning Loren decided he was feeling ok, so we jumped in the car and headed to Columbus, OH for a wedding Loren was helping shoot. After dropping him off, I had the rest of the day to myself. My first stop was World Market where I discovered that the elephant pillow I really wanted the last time I stopped in was on sale! So the first item for baby girl’s nursery has been acquired. 🙂 After I did some other shopping and scored some amazing President’s Day deals, I thought about catching a movie, but decided the day was way too perfect and sunny to sit inside a dark theater. Instead, I camped out at Cup O’ Joe for a few hours and read. Eventually I headed to the hotel and checked in, grabbed dinner and hung out until it was time to pick up Loren.

Sunday morning, we left Columbus and headed to Cincinnati for our nephew’s dedication service. After church, we had a fun lunch with the family catching up. Always good to see them all! Loren had a meeting back at home Sunday night, so we headed back home late afternoon after a quick stop at IKEA for some organizing necessities.

And that’s it (probably way too much boring info)!
I hope you got out and enjoyed the beautiful sunny spring-like weekend!

Dreamy Birthday Tea Party

This was quite the weekend with two big parties! Therefore, I’m going to split them up into 2 posts.

On Friday, my sweet niece Abby turned 6 and Loren and I headed to Cincinnati Friday night to help out with her party on Saturday. Carrie planned the most enchanting dress-up tea party for Abby and a few of her friends and it was nothing short of amazing. We had fun setting everything up late into Friday night and all the giggles and smiles during the party were totally worth it.

When the girls arrived, we helped them make fancy fans then get all decked out in hats, jewelry and a little makeup for their fancy tea. They dined on mini sandwiches, dipped wafers, petit fours, strawberries, scones and eclairs while sipping tea and pink lemonade. After a break from eating to open gifts/notes and play several games, it was time for cake and ice cream!

I will let the plethora of pictures do the rest of the talking. 🙂

(photos all shot by Loren)

Happy Birthday, sweet Abby! We love you!

Oh, Baby!

I’m finally sharing 2017’s biggest goal:

Loren and I are super excited to welcome Baby Crisp this summer, due July 2, 2017.

I’m 16 weeks along and have been very blessed to not have any morning sickness or really any symptoms other than not liking coffee (so sad!!) and eggs and being tired all the time. We got to see our little tyke for the first time the beginning of December and can’t wait to meet him/her in person!

New Year’s Weekend

One last holiday weekend recap so I can remember it for years to come.

Friday afternoon, we headed back to Cincinnati so Loren could help shoot a wedding. I spent the afternoon working in a cute little coffee shop before meeting up with Carrie for a late dinner downtown Cincinnati at Taste of Belgium. Their specialty is waffles and they did not disappoint.

Chicken & waffles

Saturday (New Year’s Eve), Loren was helping shoot another wedding, but before we had to drop him off, he, Carrie and I headed back downtown for some exploring at the 5 floor Ohio Book Store and a little lunch at Cheapside Cafe.
That evening after running several errands, I went to a NYE swing dance lesson/party with Carrie and her roommates. It was so much fun even if I am horrible at swing dancing and we didn’t get too crazy.

Sunday after church with Loren’s family, we celebrated Dad and Steve’s beginning-of-January birthdays with lunch and birthday cake. Their combined ages equal 100, so they got to blow out their candles together.

Facetiming my parents in Germany for a quick second.

I trust your start to 2017 has been great and hope it only gets better!


Christmas 2016

A quick apology note to those of you who have been reading my blog lately and not been able to see any of the pictures. My amazing personal IT guy (Loren) found out what was messed up and we should be back up and running!!

Now for Christmas (be warned – this post is loaded with pictures):

Christmas Eve morning, Loren and I had our Christmas together. We had a big breakfast, exchanged stockings and gifts and then went to see Rogue One. It was a sweet morning together and one I will always treasure. We went to our church’s Christmas Eve service in Indy before heading to Cincinnati. When we got to the in-laws, we had a quick dinner before spending the rest of the evening with all the family eating lots of good snacks, listening to a Christmas story and playing games.

Christmas morning Joanna and Jeffrey hosted the annual Crisp Kiddly Christmas (read where it originated here). They greeted us with awesome paper beards and we each had to make our own. The theme was from this Office episode when Belsnickel comes for the Christmas party (hence the beards). We played a few games, drank lots of chocolate milk and found out who was “impish” or “admirable”.
After digging into our stockings and breakfast, we opened gifts. Everyone is always so generous! We cleaned up the wrapping paper carnage and went to visit Grandma J. where we sat around the piano and sang some Christmas songs. We eventually made it back home and the rest of the family came over for dinner and more gift unwrapping. It was truly a wonderful day and I’m so grateful for my Crisp family!

Who wore it best?

Mom and dad and to come take a peek at the fun. 🙂
Traditional stair picture.

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