Baby Girl Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s Emberly’s first one!  I always like seeing what others have come up with on their Christmas wishlists, so here is hers:

Cuddle + Kind doll. These dolls are soft, cute, material-safe for babies and the company provides 10 meals to a hungry child for each doll purchase.

Jammies. One of our Christmas traditions is Christmas pj’s, and I think these might be the winner this year.

Wood block puzzle. Emberly isn’t old enough for this yet, but it will be a good way to learn shapes in a few months.

Ball rattle. Perfect for teething, grasping and rattling.

ezpz Mini Mat. These silicone placemats “contain the mess” , divide the food, are dishwasher safe and suction to the highchair. The best of everything when it comes to baby feeding!

Knee socks. How cute are these socks! It’s so hard to keep socks on babies, but these adorable knee socks definitely do the trick.

What are some of your baby gift ideas?

Thanksgiving 2017

This year, after the past 2 Thanksgivings down South, we had another one in Cincinnati with Loren’s family and it was such a good time.  Since we packed in so many fun things this holiday weekend, this post is chock-full with pictures of all the things I want to remember.

We headed out for Cincinnati after Loren got off work on Wednesday evening and arrived in time for Emberly to hang out with her aunts, uncle and grandparents for a little bit before she went to bed. After putting her down for the night, the rest of us played a fun game before going to bed at a semi-decent hour.

Emberly had a pretty rough night (not being used to sharing a room with her parents), so Thanksgiving morning Loren let me sleep in a  little bit before a leisurely breakfast with everyone. After breakfast, we visited the grandmas (E’s great-grandmas) and then came back home to relax and finish getting dinner ready before the rest of the family members showed up (there were 30 of us!). Once everyone arrived, we snapped some family pictures, stuffed ourselves with all the delicious food, sang a few Thanksgiving songs and caught up on each other’s lives. So many wonderful family members to be thankful for!

Real life moment – cleaning up spit up during a family pic

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Weekend in the South

A few weeks ago, we decided to make our way down South Carolina for Labor Day weekend so Emberly could meet more of relatives (finally some on my side!).

So, this past Friday, Emberly and I packed up and picked up Loren after work around 3pm, then we headed out of town with the rest of the Midwest. Or so it seemed between the rain and crazy traffic. Emberly did great at first, got fussy during the heavy rain and traffic, then eventually fell asleep for pretty much the rest of the trip. We pulled in to my aunt’s around 2:30am, exhausted, but so glad to be there.

One of her happier moments on the drive.

We spent the weekend visiting and catching up with so many relatives and a few friends, and since we took so many pictures, I’ll just let them do the talking.

Meeting Opa (my dad)! Just sad that Oma wasn’t there.
Skyping with Oma (my mom).
GG (my grandma) – E eventually decided to take a nap with her. 🙂

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July Goals

Here we are at the beginning of another month! I’m not sure how June sped by so fast, but I guess that’s what happens when you have a lot going on. And I’m sure the rest of the year will fly by even faster!

June Goals
~ get outside/take a walk every day
~ turn another year older
~ make freezer meals
~ finish getting baby stuff & setting up the nursery
~ plan an awesome last date night before baby comes (don’t worry, we still plan on having date nights after she comes)

July Goals
~ HAVE A BABY!!!!!
~ celebrate the 4th either in the hospital or at home with family
~ help plan/host a bridal shower

Have a wonderful long holiday weekend and light some sparklers or fireworks for me!

Taste of Cincinnati

This past weekend we were in Cincinnati and ventured out to the nation’s longest running culinary arts festival (Taste of Cincinnati) with our friends Caleb and Chelsea. Basically, a few streets are blocked off downtown and several of Cincinnati’s top restaurants set up booths to sell “tastes” of their best food. We walked down the whole length of the festival to scout out our options before deciding on what we wanted. Even between the 4 of us, we only tasted a fraction of the food options, but they were all delicious (not everything we ate made it on camera). There was rain in the forecast for that afternoon, but it never came and it was the perfect afternoon for wandering around stuffing our faces with delectable food.

Pork tacos
Frozen lemonade
Banana acai berry smoothie

Salted caramel Belgian waffle

Chicken kabob with rice

Sauerkraut balls
Creme brûlée – by far my favorite item of the day

Key lime cream puff

Thanks for the fun, Cincinnati (and Caleb & Chelsea 😉 )!

Easter Weekend [2017]

This past week we’ve had the most beautiful spring weather and I’ve been soaking it in as much as possible.

We pushed date night to Thursday night and finally saw Beauty and the Beast. Guys! It was amazing!!! I loved everything about it. Just do yourself a favor and go see it.

Loren took the day off on Friday, and in between my work shifts we ran some errands together, then headed to our church’s thought-provoking Good Friday service.

Saturday we spent the majority of the day helping some friends paint their new house. Can’t wait to see it when it’s all done and they can finally move in!

Sunday was Easter! We had a wonderful morning at church fellowshipping with our church family and praising & worshiping the Lord. He is risen indeed!
After church we didn’t take any pictures while dressed up, but finished making dinner together, then had a little Easter picnic on the balcony. It was perfect! That afternoon, I decided to make a strawberry tart while Loren kept plugging away at putting together the IKEA dresser for baby girl’s nursery.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Holiday Party 2016/2017

As I mentioned yesterday, we had two parties this weekend. As soon as Abby’s party was over, we headed home to finish setting up for our annual holiday party. I usually like to have a party sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but between weddings, new job training and the holidays themselves, it didn’t happen until now. Which turned out just fine and I may start doing it every January instead of December. It’s all just a plot to keep up my Christmas decorations longer. 😉

Anyway, we squeezed 4 other couples around the table for a Raclette dinner and chocolate fondue. Raclette is a Swiss meal that involves lots of melted cheese and potatoes. We used to eat Raclette regularly in Germany while I was growing up, and when my parents sent me my very own Raclette grill for Christmas, I knew we had to have it for the party.

After we were stuffed, we exchanged white elephant gifts and played a few other games before taking awkward family photos. We had such a fun and laughter-filled night, and once again, I am so grateful for the friendships we’ve established here!

Happy Thanksgiving/Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

New Year’s Weekend

One last holiday weekend recap so I can remember it for years to come.

Friday afternoon, we headed back to Cincinnati so Loren could help shoot a wedding. I spent the afternoon working in a cute little coffee shop before meeting up with Carrie for a late dinner downtown Cincinnati at Taste of Belgium. Their specialty is waffles and they did not disappoint.

Chicken & waffles

Saturday (New Year’s Eve), Loren was helping shoot another wedding, but before we had to drop him off, he, Carrie and I headed back downtown for some exploring at the 5 floor Ohio Book Store and a little lunch at Cheapside Cafe.
That evening after running several errands, I went to a NYE swing dance lesson/party with Carrie and her roommates. It was so much fun even if I am horrible at swing dancing and we didn’t get too crazy.

Sunday after church with Loren’s family, we celebrated Dad and Steve’s beginning-of-January birthdays with lunch and birthday cake. Their combined ages equal 100, so they got to blow out their candles together.

Facetiming my parents in Germany for a quick second.

I trust your start to 2017 has been great and hope it only gets better!


Christmas 2016

A quick apology note to those of you who have been reading my blog lately and not been able to see any of the pictures. My amazing personal IT guy (Loren) found out what was messed up and we should be back up and running!!

Now for Christmas (be warned – this post is loaded with pictures):

Christmas Eve morning, Loren and I had our Christmas together. We had a big breakfast, exchanged stockings and gifts and then went to see Rogue One. It was a sweet morning together and one I will always treasure. We went to our church’s Christmas Eve service in Indy before heading to Cincinnati. When we got to the in-laws, we had a quick dinner before spending the rest of the evening with all the family eating lots of good snacks, listening to a Christmas story and playing games.

Christmas morning Joanna and Jeffrey hosted the annual Crisp Kiddly Christmas (read where it originated here). They greeted us with awesome paper beards and we each had to make our own. The theme was from this Office episode when Belsnickel comes for the Christmas party (hence the beards). We played a few games, drank lots of chocolate milk and found out who was “impish” or “admirable”.
After digging into our stockings and breakfast, we opened gifts. Everyone is always so generous! We cleaned up the wrapping paper carnage and went to visit Grandma J. where we sat around the piano and sang some Christmas songs. We eventually made it back home and the rest of the family came over for dinner and more gift unwrapping. It was truly a wonderful day and I’m so grateful for my Crisp family!

Who wore it best?

Mom and dad and to come take a peek at the fun. 🙂
Traditional stair picture.

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