Five on Friday [anniversary edition] // 5-12-17

In light of today being our 3rd wedding anniversary, I’m sharing 5 favorites memories (besides our wedding day) from the past married years. I must say, it was very hard to narrow these down.

ONE //  Our honeymoon. We spent a couple days in Charleston, SC, then boarded a ship for a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas. It was such a fun, relaxing time together exploring Charleston and eating all the soft serve we wanted on the cruise.

TWO // Our many roadtrips in the VW Beetle. The summer we got married, we spent many hours in my beloved little beetle taking roadtrips to friends’ weddings, apartment hunting (for our move to from SC to IN), family events and last minute picnics on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

THREE // 1st Anniversary trip to Chicago. Our first vacation (besides the honeymoon) after getting married – Loren had just finished his first year of grad school, and it was nice to just get out of town for a long weekend. Exploring a new city and eating delicious food was just a bonus. ūüėČ

FOUR //¬†Our 2016 Charleston vacation. Apparently I just like to get away with my man. lol But Charleston is my favorite city in the world, so any time spent there is a favorite memory. ūüėČ A perfect week spent on the beach, drinking coffee on our little porch, paddleboarding, meandering the city streets, etc.

FIVE // Finding out we were going to be parents. Does this even need an explanation? Needless to say, we were/are both pretty stoked!

There are SO many other memories that I treasure (exploring new coffee shops, babysitting nephews & nieces, birthday dates, Loren’s graduation, late night Office binges, random photoshoots in unusual locations) and I always look forward to the next adventure with my favorite person in the world.

I love you and choose you every day, Loren! Happy Anniversary!

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I Wrote My Husband a Note Every Day for a Year…

…here’s what happened.

img_2992About 9 months into our marriage, I read about a couple who,¬†at the end of each¬†day, wrote a one-sentence note about how they¬†appreciated/loved the other person that day. I thought this was a great idea, and we gave it a try. Loren and I¬†already had a journal where we would write longer letters to each other on¬†special occasions throughout the year, but little love notes every day sounded even better!¬†Now, about 1 and 1/2 years and two journals later, we don’t ever plan on quitting.

Here is what we have learned:

Neither one of us can ever keep it to one sentence. This is the hardest thing for us. I can probably count on one hand how many times we’ve actually just written one sentence. This is not a bad thing – the more you appreciate or have a funny or sweet memory from the day to share, the better!

There’s ALWAYS something good to write about your spouse every day. Even on days we barely see each other, we can always come up with something.¬†Those dishes he washed for me – I’ll thank him for that. Those funny texts he sent that made my day- I’ll recap that. That parting kiss this morning – I’ll mention that. His support when I’m having a hard day – I’ll focus on that. You never know what acts of love will be noticed and appreciated.

We’ve learned to verbally appreciate each other more. In the beginning of our dating relationship, I had a hard time expressing my feelings to Loren. We’ve come a LONG way, and writing out my feelings towards Loren has given me daily practice¬†in this area. We also recently started reading out loud to each other what we’ve written. Makes it even more personal! As a result of this verbal appreciation, I’ve become less shy about expressing my emotions and feelings to him in person.

Loren has¬†better handwriting than I do, even when he changes his¬†style. If you opened up our journal, you could easily see which handwriting is mine, because it’s consistently awful, even when I try to write nicely. Loren, however, has beautiful manly handwriting and likes to switch it up, so sometimes it looks like 4 different people are writing in the journal. Don’t worry though, it’s just the 2 of us.

It’s hard to stay mad at your spouse¬†when¬†you have to write something good about them. I honestly don’t think Loren and I have ever really gotten mad at each other, but sometimes we do get pretty annoyed. So when the note writing time comes around, we pretty much HAVE to kiss and makeup. Talk about not letting the sun go¬†down on your wrath!

Mundane days can be just as fulfilling and special as fun-filled days. I like to think that we aren’t boring people. Weird, for sure, but not boring. Sometimes that weirdness is hilarious. Like making up songs while getting ready in the morning, coming up with ridiculously impossible hypothetical situations, dancing, new inside jokes, things I¬†say in my¬†sleep, etc. Records of this weirdness are always very entertaining to look back on after a few months or years.

Writing to my husband every night before bed¬†has now become more than a cute little idea (now routine) that I wanted to try out. It’s a visible, tangible and reliable record of our relationship’s past and an exciting opportunity to see how it continues to grow in the future – memories that are forever documented for us to look¬†back on for years to come.

What do you do to strengthen your marriage?

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Surprise Dates & Showers

I love summer so much. This weekend was made up of so many more reasons why!

Friday {date night}¬†on my way home from work, I called Loren and told him to be ready to go out when I got home, but didn’t tell him why. I had planned a little Chipotle picnic at a nearby park (one we hadn’t been to yet) and wanted to surprise him. I just told him where to drive as he kept asking a million questions about what we were doing. Even though he wasn’t super surprised and guessed what was¬†up, it was still fun. ūüôā If you follow me on Snapchat, you got to see how it all went down (username: sisterfour).

I’ve got mad proofreading skills. Thank you autocorrect. ūüėČ

IMG_4020 IMG_4023

Saturday we slept in a little, made pancakes, then I got some food ready for Sunday’s¬†bridal shower. My SIL Heather is getting married in September, and¬†we bridesmaids were throwing her a shower on Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati, so that afternoon we loaded up the car and headed over for the rest of the weekend. After helping Carrie set up a little, we headed to Loren’s parent’s house for a cookout with some of¬†the siblings. It was a fun summer evening catching up on each other’s lives.

Sunday we all went to the early service at church so we would have plenty of time to set up for the early afternoon shower. Since Heather has traveled to so many places, Carrie had the brilliant idea of making the shower travel themed. All the food was from the different¬†countries Heather¬†had visited, and Carrie made a couple cute banners that also went along with the theme. Since I was in charge of the menu¬†(but we all helped make it), naturally I took lots of pictures of the food. ūüėČ We played a few games, ate lots of food and Heather shared the sweet story of her and Marcus’ relationship before opening gifts. It was such a sweet time and we were so happy to be able to spoil Heather a little bit!


Mexico: Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Ball
Bulgaria: Shopska
France: Pear & Brie Crostini w/Balsamic & Thyme
France: Asparagus Gruyere Tart
France: Macaroons
Per√ļ: Alfajores – Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies
The cutest little tree thumbprint guestbook.


Crisp girls (can you figure out which one married into the family?)

And here is what the guys were up to during the shower: visiting Grandma J and teaching the nephew putt-putt and juggling cornhole bean bags.

IMG_4059 IMG_4060 IMG_4061

I’m so glad we got to see family this weekend!
What did you do?

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2 Years of Marriage

wedding hands731 days ago on a perfect warm spring evening, we tightly clasped¬†hands as we stood together and vowed our lives to each other. 2 years isn’t that long, but it also feels like forever.

Love is strange. Sometimes you just can‚Äôt explain it.¬†Love is a bond you only feel when you‚Äôre around your person. Love makes you feel taken, secure, content and special. Love motivates and drives you to do things you never would otherwise. Love is mature in actions, words and deeds. Love is sometimes sitting together in silence, just enjoying being together. Love is being idiots together and not caring what others think. Love is people asking when they look at us in 50 years: ‚ÄúDid that old couple just start dating?‚ÄĚ Love is beautiful and timeless.

I have found him whom my soul loves. ~ Song of Solomon

I love you, Loren!


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The Day I Forgot to Be Polite to My Husband

I am about to get more personal and openly honest than I have ever been on this blog, which is not easy for me. But recently, Loren and I have learned a marriage lesson that was too vital to not share.

We had gotten too comfortable around each other. Little things started unnecessarily annoying us. It got to the¬†point where I¬†felt like we were treating each other as¬†siblings.¬†And then¬†it hit me: we weren’t being polite to each other.

When you’re young and with your siblings (or friends), you display your immaturity by knowing what buttons cause friction and¬†pushing¬†them¬†to get on each other’s nerves. As we grow older, we mature and learn to be polite and it becomes clear that¬†the difference between child¬†relationships and adult relationships¬†(and in this case, husband and wife) lies in maturity and politeness.

Although Loren and I weren’t intentionally pushing each other’s buttons, we weren’t actively seeking¬†to be considerate and sensitive, either. Just because we’re¬†married and used to each other and know each other so well, doesn’t mean we¬†can stop being polite to each other. Loren and I are complete opposite personality types (ENFP v. ISTJ). Our thought processes are on opposite ends of the spectrum. He is analytical, I am not. Some things annoy him that don’t annoy me, and vice versa. But I have to be considerate¬†of him¬†and think before I speak¬†or act.

Two core foundations of marriage are love and respect, and being polite to each other is just one expression¬†of¬†love and respect.¬†We’re in this life together, so let’s fight together instead of against each other.
Don’t forget to be adults about marriage. Don’t forget to be polite.

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