Thanksgiving 2017

This year, after the past 2 Thanksgivings down South, we had another one in Cincinnati with Loren’s family and it was such a good time.  Since we packed in so many fun things this holiday weekend, this post is chock-full with pictures of all the things I want to remember.

We headed out for Cincinnati after Loren got off work on Wednesday evening and arrived in time for Emberly to hang out with her aunts, uncle and grandparents for a little bit before she went to bed. After putting her down for the night, the rest of us played a fun game before going to bed at a semi-decent hour.

Emberly had a pretty rough night (not being used to sharing a room with her parents), so Thanksgiving morning Loren let me sleep in a  little bit before a leisurely breakfast with everyone. After breakfast, we visited the grandmas (E’s great-grandmas) and then came back home to relax and finish getting dinner ready before the rest of the family members showed up (there were 30 of us!). Once everyone arrived, we snapped some family pictures, stuffed ourselves with all the delicious food, sang a few Thanksgiving songs and caught up on each other’s lives. So many wonderful family members to be thankful for!

Real life moment – cleaning up spit up during a family pic

Friday morning we took a walk around downtown Cincinnati and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny and moderate day. On our walk we found this cute little bookstore that was also a coffee shop and stopped in for a little break. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and then celebrating a couple of birthdays and Christmas since we won’t all be together this year.

Taking a little nursing break.

Saturday morning we met up with a couple of siblings for a little coffee date, then helped mom & dad pick out their Christmas tree. Loren eventually headed out to shoot a wedding and the rest of us decorated the tree, hung lights up on mom & dad’s house, relaxed and watched Elf.

It’s safe to say that Emberly had a wonderful first Thanksgiving!

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