Weekend in the South

A few weeks ago, we decided to make our way down South Carolina for Labor Day weekend so Emberly could meet more of relatives (finally some on my side!).

So, this past Friday, Emberly and I packed up and picked up Loren after work around 3pm, then we headed out of town with the rest of the Midwest. Or so it seemed between the rain and crazy traffic. Emberly did great at first, got fussy during the heavy rain and traffic, then eventually fell asleep for pretty much the rest of the trip. We pulled in to my aunt’s around 2:30am, exhausted, but so glad to be there.

One of her happier moments on the drive.

We spent the weekend visiting and catching up with so many relatives and a few friends, and since we took so many pictures, I’ll just let them do the talking.

Meeting Opa (my dad)! Just sad that Oma wasn’t there.
Skyping with Oma (my mom).
GG (my grandma) – E eventually decided to take a nap with her. 🙂

Aunt Anna (my sister)
Jeremy & Stephanie (college friends)

Aunt Joanna & cousin Verne
One of my best friends, Joy

Sunday dinner at Aunt Cheryl’s
Entertaining everyone at dinner.

Snuggling with Opa ❤️
Great Uncle Scott
Great Aunt Cheryl

Uncle Jonathan
Super intense game of Jenga – it lasted a whole 40 minutes!

Early morning stretches – when she is the smiliest & chattiest.
And some cousins
After breakfast with Jon

Although this was a crazy short trip, we are so thankful to have been able to see so many wonderful family members and friends. Maybe next time it will be longer visit. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!

One last thing, on the way home, as tradition would have it, we made a quick stop at an overlook in TN to try to recreate this and this picture. Almost worked!

That’s all for now. And in case you noticed, yes, I did get a haircut this weekend.

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  1. It’s wonderful to see how much joy one new life can bring to so many people! I’m so glad your trip to Greenville was such a blessing to everyone:)

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